Faux Mineral Fiber vs Mineral Fiber

Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Jun 2017

A beautiful solution for stained, sagging and broken drop-in ceiling tiles is here. We have put head to head one of our faux tin ceiling tiles.  Our ceiling tiles have done a lot better in the following tests:

  • Liquid - We have poured coffee on both ceiling tiles, our tiles wiped of clean but the mineral fiber soaked up the coffee and when we tried to clean it up, it started to falling apart.  This means that if you get a leak, you can clean our tiles up and put it back into place.  In addition our tiles will not absorb moisture and this will limit any sagging.
  • Weight - Our tiles are about 4 times lighter which make them easier to handle and cheaper to ship.
  • Durability - In this test we have really tried to brake our tile and banged it against a metal ladder, threw it around and  in the end the tile was not showing any significant damage.  The other tile got destroyed in a less intensive process.