Decorating With Foam Tiles: Ivy Leaf Design

Written by Milan Jara on 16th Sep 2011

Ivy Leaf Styrofoam Tiles

If you are decorating your room or home and thinking about a classical look, don’t neglect your ceiling. The beautiful ivy-leaf embossed foam tile pictured here will fit your needs perfectly.

Featuring a traditional ivy leaf in each corner and parallel lines that will tie the look of your whole ceiling together cleanly and seamlessly, these 20” x 20” polystyrene foam, or Styrofoam, synthetic resin tiles are lightweight as well as noise-absorbent. Best of all, they are so inexpensive and easy to install that you can do it yourself in less than a day.

This classic ivy look is perfect for any room, such as a dining room, where the foliage depicted brings to mind a Tuscan vineyard. Other uses could be to give a den or family room the look of a proper English Manor library, or even an enclosed porch where it will make you and your guests feel as if you are in a Roman garden.

If you have a small, dark room that you want to brighten up and make appear larger, leave the tiles white and add some billowy sheer white curtains, and your room will have a light, airy look. Conversely, to make a huge, bright, room seem more intimate, you can paint the tiles a darker color such as chestnut, charcoal, or olive, using any Styrofoam-safe water-based paint such as acrylic.

Painted Ivy Leaf Styrofoam Tiles

Or paint these ceiling tiles a soft, pale green and pair them with pink or lavender walls or a rose-patterned wallpaper in a bedroom and make any little girl’s room feel like a princess’ bedchamber.

If you want your room to look richer without spending a lot of money, you can also order these tiles with a metallic finish that will give a look of elegance and luxury to any room. You could even use these tiles in a business such as a restaurant to make your patrons feel as if they are being treated like royalty.

So if you are tired of your plain white (possibly acoustic or popcorn) ceiling and want to give your room a romantic makeover that will make it look brand-new, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, look no further than these classic ivy-themed foam ceiling tiles. They are just what you need to make your home seem like a millionaire lives there without having to spend like one!

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