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This page is dedicated to you, to take the guesswork out of your shopping & shipping in our online store. First of all I would like to let you know that as an owner of this business you are very important to us and if there is anything that I can do please let me know at or 754-367-8349.  Please note that we do not take orders over the phone.

Feel free to leave your phone number if you don't want to call long distance, I will call you back.

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We Ship To United Kingdom


Most of our Foam (Styrofoam) Ceiling Tile are located in South Florida and will be shipped via USPS. Your shipping cost is calculated by weight and box size.  Just to give you an example, 100 Foam Ceiling Tiles would ship for $65 and so would 20 tiles.  Shipping times are about 10 business days.

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 Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles would either come from either Florida or India(our manufacturer).  This would depend on the exact tile availability.  If they come from Florida, same rule applies as for the Foam Ceiling Tiles above, they ship by weight.  If they come from India, the shipping cost is still the same but the shipping company is Fedex, UPS or DHL, Express at all times.

So your shipping cost would be 175 Dollars for 100 pcs of Faux Tin Ceiling Tile.

Projects in the UK

  • Restaurant London - Tin Ceiling Tiles
  • Entry of Blues Kitchen Restaurant
  • Inside Blues Kitchen Restaurant


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Buy Ceiling Tiles in Bulk & Get 10% - 15% off + Free Shipping

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