The Best Faux Wood Ceiling Beam Ideas for Updating Any Room

Ideas for Faux Wood Beams

Lately, we've seen more and more homes and businesses gravitating toward exposed ceiling beams to add charm and character to the space. This rustic touch is an inexpensive and simple way to update any room's aesthetic.

Faux wood isn't just useful as decorative ceiling beams; ideas for other areas of your home and business are just as plentiful. Take a look at these various faux wood ceiling beam ideas to see which would be best for your space.

Add Faux Wood Beams to a Vaulted Ceiling

When it comes to decorative ceiling beams, ideas for high or vaulted ceilings are the most common. Faux wood beams are made to perfectly complement these types of ceilings and offer an easy and affordable way to recreate this architectural design without breaking the bank. For vaulted ceilings, faux wood truss systems are available.

Create a Country Style Kitchen with Faux Ceiling Beams

One of the best ceiling beam ideas is installing faux wood in your kitchen. By pairing faux wood ceiling beams with items like a white farmhouse sink, you'll manage to create a perfect country feel in your home kitchen.

Turn Your Living Room into a Lodge with Faux Wood Ceiling Beams

For anyone who's a fan of the cabin aesthetic, faux wood ceiling beams are a great way of turning your living room space into a personal lodge. This process tends to work especially well in rooms that sport a roaring fireplace.

Use Faux Wood Beams as a Fireplace Mantel

Speaking of fireplaces, faux wood beams can also be used to create a stunning fireplace mantel. Did you know that we also carry faux wood planks?

Use Faux Wood Beams as a Doorway

Faux beams can also make a good frame for a doorway if you want to achieve a more rustic wood flair appearance. Best of all, faux wood beams are significantly lighter than real wood alternatives which will make the construction process noticeably easier.

Install Faux Wood Beams to Decorate Support Features

Faux wood beams are the perfect way to hide unsightly support beams in a living room. They are a decorative and functional addition to any other room in the home. Also, keep in mind that faux wood beams are hollowed out, unlike a real wood beam. This lends favorably to being used to hide any exposed pipes, electrical wires, or other things you want to go unnoticed in the space.

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