Why You Should Consider Faux Wood Trusses

Written by Milan Jara on 1st Dec 2019

Faux Wood Truss Systems

Faux wood truss systems completely transform the look of an open ceiling area without breaking the bank. If you have an empty, uninteresting cathedral ceiling, you aren’t making the most of it if you do not add some sort of truss system.

You can add much-needed character to otherwise unused space and give your ceiling a rustic look that is both timeless and eye-catching. The exposed wood look and feel of faux wood trusses create the comfort and warmth of a country home or rustic cottage. They replicate the appearance of exposed wood support beams without the excessive cost and hassle that a post-construction truss installation requires.

Let’s take look at some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a faux wood truss system for your home. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to faux wood trusses so, to make things easier for you, let’s take a closer look.



So, What are Faux Wood Trusses?

Faux Wood Truss Systems

Faux wood trusses are a collection of decorative faux wood beams that interconnect to replicate the look of timber structural frames. Traditionally, real wood roof trusses bridge the space above a room and provide support for the roof.

While faux wood trusses do not provide any additional structural support, they can add plenty of beauty to your ceiling space. Adding color and the gorgeous look of wood grain adds a welcoming and warm beauty to your home.

These lightweight faux wood truss systems are meant to mimic natural wood, giving you the aesthetic benefits of natural wood trusses without the immense labor and material costs of installation.



Why Faux Wood Trusses are an Investment

Faux Wood Truss Systems

Faux wood trusses are not susceptible to the same drawbacks as natural wood. Real wood can crack and split, as well as rot, mold, and degrade, but faux wood is easy to care for and lasts much longer.

You also get plenty of bang for your buck. When you install faux wood trusses, you are working with much lighter materials. This greatly reduces labor costs when compared to timber frameworks.

You can also choose between a wide variety of colors, textures, and frame styles. Where sourcing a particular size and type of timber is costly, faux wood makes it easy to get the exact truss system your space requires.

The main selling point for faux wood trusses is how easy they are to install. No matter how complex the design is, each faux wood truss system includes everything you need for installation.

A turnkey package is available for all faux wood truss styles. This package includes all of the schematics, fasteners, adhesive, cabling systems, and structural components your design requires, transforming the look of your space without blowing your budget.



What Options are Available to Me?

The faux wood perfectly replicates the grain and color of real wood. You can choose between a variety of texture types, whether you prefer the look of roughly cut lumber or smoother wood beams, the choice is up to you.

There are multiple textures available, including Doug Fir, Tuscany, Sand Blast, Rough Sawn, and Hand-Hewn. Each looks just like the real thing, with the same grain and knots you would see with natural wood.

You can also match the color of your truss system to your space. Choose from Dark Walnut, Light Walnut, Espresso, Mahogany, Oak, and Primed.

When it comes to faux wood truss styles, there are a lot of options. If you want a simple system that subtly adds the look of exposed wood to your ceiling, look at our Huntsman and Sawtooth designs. Or, if you want to introduce a more complex design that draws your gaze upwards, there are plenty of options. Choose from our Wasatch, Braddock, Cascade, Aspen, Catskill, Hawkeye, or Oxford designs.

Overall, we offer nine different truss styles and each can be customized using the above-mentioned color and texture options. The goal is always to replicate the beauty of natural wood truss frames, without duplicating their cost.

Go ahead and improve the look of your space and potentially the value of your home by getting a quote on our faux wood trusses by clicking HERE.

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