Up the Ante—Install High Stakes or Euchre Decorative Contemporary Tin Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 11th Jan 2012

Whether you’re a casino mogul searching for fancy new decors for your high-stakes poker rooms or just the “fun” grandma wanting to liven up a round of “Go Fish” with your grandkids, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for with “High Stakes” and “Euchre” decorative contemporary tin ceiling tiles.

High Rollers

From high-stakes operations to high-class country clubs, these playful high-stakes ceiling tiles will add a subtle touch of entertainment to your gaming rooms and let your customers know they can have fun while you mean business.

High Stakes Tile

Neither Five-Card Stud aficionados nor Texas Hold ‘Em stakeholders will be able to keep a poker face when they see these fun and fantastic tiles.

Take a Chance

Just want a friendly local game? Good luck with that! It’s hard to find a truly casual card player. Whether the game is pinochle or bridge, canasta or hearts, high stakes or penny ante, most card players take their games seriously and play with a passion and a flair for the dramatic. Whatever your passion, you can make your game room even more exciting with these glamorous tiles.

Game On!

Just imagine your friends or family members walking into your regular weekly game night. The card tables are draped with snowy cloths, chairs unfolded and standing at the ready, and decks of cards set out waiting to be shuffled and cut.

Lively jazz plays softly on the stereo in the background.

Bowls of savory potato chips, crisp vegetables, and creamy ranch and onion-laced dips are scattered strategically about the room. (No double-dipping, please!)

Suddenly, all eyes are drawn to your newly decorated ceiling. The oohs and ahs from your guests are so rewarding that they’re nearly as exciting as the game itself!

Playing With a Full Deck

While the Euchre tile is similar in appearance to the High Stakes tile, there are subtle differences.

All of the suits found in a real deck of cards—diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades—are represented on both tile designs. Both types of tile are divided into quarters and feature symbols of the four suits in each corner surrounding curved diamonds that enclose groupings of bubbles so realistic, you can almost feel them tickling your nose.

Euchre Ceiling Tile

However, while the quarters of the Euchre tile open into one another and blend together seamlessly, the quarters of the High Stakes tile are cleanly divided by sharply embossed lines. It’s just a matter of personal preference as to which attractive tile you choose to let your customers and guests know that you care deeply about the appearance of your establishment or home.

No matter which tile you choose, the ambiance of your casino, club, game room, or home is sure to be enhanced by either the High Stakes or Euchre decorative contemporary tin ceiling tile.

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