Tips for Selecting the Style of Ceiling Tile That’s Right for Your Room

Written by Milan Jara on 15th Apr 2012

When you’re getting ready to re-do your ceilings, there are several factors to consider in choosing a look. Decorative ceiling tiles are available to match any décor, color scheme, purpose, or pocketbook.

The Sky Isn’t the Limit

Of course, your budget will play a large, if not the largest, part in the type of style you select. If you love the look of copper but can’t afford to cover a large ceiling with solid copper or aged copper tiles, you can achieve the same look for slightly less with polished copper and a lot less with faux copper.

Proper or Playful

The next big decision in choosing the right tile is matching the purpose of the room.

Virginian Ceiling Tile

Obviously, the design of the ceiling tiles used in a law or accounting office should make a different impression from those used in a day care center.

Playful Unicorns Tile

But it might not be as obvious that the design of the tiles used in a kitchen nook should be different from those used in a formal dining room. For example, while a fleur-de-lis design is suitable for both rooms, you might choose the more informal and frilly Mini Fleur-de-Lis design, especially in the light blue Caribbean Sea color, for a French Country kitchen; but select the cleaner and more classic Detailed Fleur-de-Lis design for your formal dining room.

A Variety of Materials

One of the great things about ceiling tiles is that they are available in a nice variety of materials and finishes. For example, if you’re decorating a restaurant, copper tiles and tin tiles with faux copper finishes both add a warm, cozy feeling. If you are finishing a bedroom or bathroom, styrofoam ceiling tiles give a light, airy look, while faux leather tiles impart a masculine look perfect for a sports bar, “man cave”, or bachelor pad.

So no matter what time of room you’re decorating, selecting the right tile includes not only the cost, but also the material, design, and color. Whichever tiles you choose, decorative ceiling tiles are easy to install, add a great look, and don’t have to make a hard hit on even the slimmest wallet.

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