The True Meaning of the Christmas Season Is Reflected in Inspirational Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 1st Dec 2011

While Christmas is a great time to reconnect and celebrate with loved ones, there is more to the season than just eating turkey (or goose, or ham) and exchanging presents. Honor the true meaning of this holy Christian holiday with these beautiful Inspiration and Stained Glass decorative tin ceiling tiles.

Awed and Inspired

For Christians, this season is a holy time of praise and devotion during which they honor the birth of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Inspiration Contemporary Tile

Four tiny crosses in the midst of four squares surrounded by shining rays of light symbolize the hope and promise provided to millions of Christians around the world by the birth of Jesus. This brilliant Inspiration decorative ceiling tile would look beautiful installed in any area of a church, including the nave and narthex, as well as fellowship meeting rooms and even Sunday School rooms.

Stylized Stained Glass

This Stained Glass ceiling tile is also divided into four squares, each holding a design that is subtly evocative of a Coptic cross. The appearance of any Christian house of worship would be augmented by these elegant decorative ceiling tiles.

Stained Glass Tile

Just close your eyes and picture the brilliance of glowing candlelight reflected hundreds of times by the shiny surfaces of the engravings on either of these lovely ceiling tiles. Imagine the beauty of dozens of red, pink, and white poinsettias reflected alongside the candles as a jubilant congregation sings His praises with Christmas carols and hymns, while a light snow falls softly outside and slowly and gently collects in the corners of the church’s stained glass windows. These inspirational decorative ceiling tiles are sure to enhance the worship experiences of all of your loyal and devoted parishioners.

Not Just for Christmas

Not only are these tiles are perfect at Christmas time, but they are fitting for any day in the entire liturgical calendar. Imagine looking up at these inspirational tiles during Lent, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter, and all the other holy days throughout the year.

Home and Hearth

If you are seeking an inspirational look for your home, these tiles would also look great in any residence. The Stained Glass tiles would fit in anywhere from a Victorian townhouse to a well-lived-in country farmhouse.

So whether you are re-decorating a well-established church, choosing the décor for a brand-new small storefront house of worship, or looking for an inspirational look for your home, these tiles will fit right in. When you choose the Inspiration design or the Stained Glass tile, you are sure to instill a feeling of reverence in yourself and your congregants with these inspirational decorative tin ceiling tiles.

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