The Benefits of Leather Wall Panels

Written by Milan Jara on 15th Jul 2020

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If you’re considering the option of leather wall panels, then you’re on the right lines of applying a significant asset to your home. With leather tiles, there’s diverse possibilities for creating wonderful architecture and adding stunning visuals to any room of your choosing.

However, if the investment of leather wall panels seems too expensive, there is the option of faux leather, which still gives you the look of real leather tiles. This guide will focus on the benefits of opting for faux leather wall panels:

  • Affordable: As mentioned, faux leather is the cheaper option if you’re looking to have a leather appeal in one, or perhaps multiple rooms in your home. Faux leather will give you that leather look without the huge investment. However, don’t let the unnatural aspect put you off from investing in faux leather. It may not be natural leather, but it can still offer stylish perfection while adding elegance to your home. Furthermore, this option will help boost the appeal of your property if or when you decide to sell in the future.
  • Maintenance: If you have ever owned or had any kind of experience dealing with the maintenance work of real leather, then you’ll know exactly how difficult that task can be. With faux leather, it makes that process a lot more easier, meaning less work for you to think about.
  • What you’ll need to keep your faux leather panels looking nice and sharp is a soft cloth and some water. With real leather, special treatment products are the necessary option if you want to keep the panels well maintained. Yet, by investing in faux leather, all that’s required is a little gentle cleaning.

  • Easy Installation: By being incredibly lightweight, faux leather panels are easy to install. It’s important to know that any lightweight panels are easy to install as you won’t need to worry about them becoming loose or falling from the wall. If you go with the lighter option, the adhesive will hold the panels a lot more steadier.
  • Versatile: An important factor to consider when shopping for the right panel material is to make sure it fits to the theme of your room you’re trying to spruce up. Before deciding on a set of faux leather panels, simply consider the color scheme and other visual aspects of your room. As faux leather tiles are versatile, you’ll most likely find that there are plenty of suitable options for you to choose from.
  • Diamonds in The Sky - Faux Leather Tile - #DCT LRT19 - Black

    What makes this particular panel versatile is that they come in a variety of colors. Like natural leather panels, faux leather panels appeal to the majority of color schemes available. Whether you are partial to black, white, or a darker shade of brown, you will find a broad selection of faux leather panels available to you. Moreover, there are faux leather panels that come with added accessories like studs – which ultimately helps boost texture and style. Although some models come with these added effects, there are others that remain fairly simple. It really does come down to your personal preference.

  • Residential or Commercial: Another benefit to purchasing faux leather panels is that they match up to both your home and business. Whichever location you’re thinking of installing them, you’ll be making an excellent choice. In regard to your business, deciding to go with faux leather wall panels is a great way to highlight the upscale appeal of your business since they are luxurious in appearance.
  • Accent Wall: Opting to go with faux leather panels doesn’t mean you are obligated to decorate all four walls. This can also come under the category of them being versatile as using them for an accent wall is only something a small amount of panel materials can do. In fact, creating an accent wall is more recommendable than installing them over four walls of your room. This is due to the creative depth by these designs. If you consider adding faux leather panels to an accent wall, think about installing them above your bed if it’s going in your bedroom, or your main wall if it’s going to be inside your living room. It’s always more affective when the accent wall is placed on the most dominant wall of the room you’re decorating. That way, you’ll be able to transform your room into your new favorite space.
  • 3D Option: This happens to be the most valuable reason for wanting to invest in faux leather wall panels. Like any 3D wall panel, our faux leather collection is a great way to add style and depth to the room you’re wanting to decorate. With three dimensions, it means that they have a wonderful appearance from all angles.
  • Furthermore, with these panels, they can be used in any setting. This includes homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, salons, and even businesses like the waiting rooms of private medical practices. In short, these panels can be used anywhere you see fit. That said, the only place you shouldn’t be installing faux leather wall panels is outside, as they won’t be able to hold the weather.

  • Other benefits: You can use faux leather wall panels to conceal cables, wires and built-in wall components that can stand out for unsightly reasons. When professionally installed, they can conceal almost anything. Although there are no magic solutions regarding home improvement, opting to buy 3D faux leather panels can provide many advantages for your room décor.

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Investing in faux leather wall panels can bring wanted pleasure to you and your home. As listed here, there are many reasons why this option is a worthy idea, hence why we offer a wide collection in our store.

Ultimately, they look and generate an awesome feel when they match or show off your furniture, especially if the room contains leather already. Moreover, there are families and photographers who use these as backdrops for holiday photos and family portraits.

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