Renovate Your Bathroom with These Simple and Beautiful Ideas for Metal Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 17th May 2019

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Metal Ceiling Tiles give any room a unique look ranging from modern to antique. One place where metal ceiling tiles can be used is the bathroom. An unexpected place to feature these stunning tiles usually made of tin, the bathroom is a place that many people spend quite a bit of time in each day. Why would you not want the space to be beautiful while you’re in it?

Whether you’re looking for tin ceiling tiles for a drop ceiling or other metal ceiling panels that add a touch of class, let’s explore of the wide variety of options you have when deciding how to decorate your bathroom with these decorative ceiling tiles.



Idea #1 – On Furniture

One way to bring tin ceiling tiles into your bathroom is by adding them to furniture. You may not think that your hamper, shelves, or vanity could use metal ceiling tiles, but they can. In fact, you can replace paneling on anything with the tiles to give it an updated look. Give the metal ceiling tiles a shot on your furniture and watch what happens.



Idea #2 – Backsplashes

Aside from tin ceilings, the next place most people think to use the panels is in a backsplash. However, since the bathroom is not your typical place in need of a backsplash, you might not think of locations where the tiles could be used. Think about using the metal tiles behind your bathtub or behind your sink. These backsplashes are easy to clean and water-resistant. Check with your local hardware store for the right installation equipment you’d need to ensure that they stayed up on the walls with moisture in the air.



Idea #3 – On the Ceiling

Metal ceiling tiles have the title that suggests exactly where they belong: on the ceiling. Therefore, adding these tiles or panels to your bathroom ceiling is a no brainer. With the added flair metal ceiling tiles bring to any space, your bathroom can transform instantly. It is important to ensure that the installation materials you use are conducive for moisture in the air as they will have steam from bathtubs and showers rising on a daily basis.



Idea #4 – Frame Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors can be very plain and boring when left alone. Manufacturers place mirrors in bathrooms without framing because it is easy and cheap. However, you can easily add a frame around your bathroom mirrors with metal ceiling tiles. Cut them to fit the appropriate size of your mirror, and you could enjoy an updated mirror in no time. If cutting corners is not your strong suit, you could have a local hardware store cut them for you. The tiles come in squares, which means you’ll need them to be cut to the desired size (and that includes the corners).



Idea #5 – As Artwork

If you love everything in your bathroom but need some ideas for adding interesting pieces to the walls themselves, metal ceiling tiles are a great way to do that. You can use them sparingly around the space as decorations or pick one wall to be the focal point. Mix and match the metals to give the aesthetic even more depth. Metal ceiling tiles are versatile and easy to match with many different design themes.



Benefits of Metal Ceiling Tiles in Your Bathroom

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While the methods in which you use metal ceiling tiles in your bathroom may seem unconventional, they are so very practical. One thing to keep in mind is that bathrooms can be quite the germ-infested area. You clean the tub, shower, and sinks, but what about your walls and ceilings? With so much steam that rises as well as dust particles that get blown around with hair dryers in a bathroom, germs can find their way onto walls and ceilings easily. When you use metal ceiling tiles on the ceiling, as backsplashes, or on the wall, you make cleaning so much easier. Metal ceiling tiles are easy to wipe down, which makes removing the germs a breeze.

Another benefit of using tin tiles in your bathroom is that they’re soundproof. Looking to make your bathroom an oasis? Ready to give yourself some serious space to relax? Add metal ceiling tiles your bathroom and instantly transform it into a quiet, kid-free zone.

And last, but certainly not least, metal ceiling tiles are rust-resistant. That’s right—all of the moisture in the bathroom will not affect the tiles at all. They can last for long periods of time and keep their sheen and luster, as well.

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Different Types of Metal Ceiling Tiles

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When you decide on what project you want to accomplish in your bathroom, it’s important that you pick the right type of tile for the job. Though there is a wide range of tin ceiling tiles, following are the four most common metal ceiling tiles for any project need.




When you are thinking about carrying out any ceiling or wall ceiling tile treatment, nail-up tiles are the best option. These tiles are nailed into place to help lock them in their location and prevent them from falling down or shifting too much. They’re easy to remove, as well, which makes moving easy. You may want to take the ceiling tiles with you when you leave. Nail-up metal ceiling tiles are easy to install and easy to remove.




One of the newer design options on the market are the snap-grid tiles. They use a unique style of installation where a grid is nailed/screwed into place on the ceiling or wall, and then the tiles are snapped into place. With this style of installation, you won’t have to worry about dealing with plywood or furring strips. Installation just got much less complicated.




A more common type of metal ceiling tile is the drop-in tile. It is mostly used in commercial buildings like office spaces or stores. They also use a grid system, but the tiles do not snap into place like the above snap-in method. Once the grid is installed, the tiles are dropped into the system. You don’t have to worry about each tile getting screwed in or nailed to the ceiling/wall, which makes the installation process much faster.

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