Let Cobblestone Ceiling Tiles Lend a Hearty, Masculine Look to Your Room

Written by Milan Jara on 21st Oct 2011

If you are looking for a ceiling tile that will give your room a hearty, manly feel, look no further than these gorgeous cobblestone ceiling tiles.

Copper Patina Ceiling Tile

Whether they’re for your wine-tasting room or your man-cave, these cobblestone-look tiles will make your room feel manly and masculine. Reminiscent of the narrow tile walkways and driveways that men have driven on from ancient Rome to medieval and Victorian England to the colonial Caribbean, these pebble-like tiles will enhance the manliness of any setting.

If Italian is the look you’re going for, installing these tiles in your home will almost have you believing that you can hear the sound of Roman chariots racing through the narrow passageways.

If you want to give your home a British atmosphere, these tiles on the ceiling of your sitting room will have you imagining that you are walking home through a soft, velvety London fog. Sit back and sip a glass of whiskey or port while you imagine yourself lounging in your English manor, listening for the sounds of horses hooves clip-clopping gently on the cobblestone driveway. After all, a man’s home is his castle!

For that daredevil, swashbuckler look, add some of these chunky masculine tiles that Captain Jack Sparrow himself would be proud to hang from the ceiling of the Black Pearl!

Silver Rush

These great tiles are also available in an antique silver finish. Picture them installed on the ceiling of the bathroom or bedroom of your bachelor pad.

Antique Patina Cobblestone Ceiling Tile

Can’t you just imagine Zorro and his glamorous dark-haired beauty dancing the tango beneath these shimmering tiles?

Deceptively Light

They might look heavy and bulky, but don’t let the faux stone and pebble look and pre-painted copper patina or antique silver fool you—these tiles are made of lightweight yet sturdy Styrofoam, making them easy to handle and a cinch to install.

So don’t wait to create some manly romance in your life. Add these simple yet perfectly masculine tiles to your rooms and get ready to welcome that certain senorita into your stunning newly decorated home tonight!

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