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Posted by Milan Jara on 25th Oct 2018

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There are those individuals who, once they set out to remodel their homes, treat the kitchen as an afterthought. And then there are individuals who spend every dime they have trying to create a beautiful and highly-detailed kitchen. If you belong to the latter category, then one of the things you’ll want to focus on is the ceiling.

Often, the kitchen ceiling is the last thing that people think of decorating. This should not be the case as it can actually transform the entire look of your kitchen. This article gives you some ideas on how to choose your kitchen ceiling.



The Best Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

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Coffered Ceiling

A coffered ceiling consists of graceful, complex grids. Essentially, it's made up of rectangular lines that help create the illusion of crisscrossing beams. The panels used in making a coffered ceiling can take different shapes including octagon, square or rectangle.

Once installed in a kitchen, coffered ceilings give the impression of style, wealth and elegance. Although simple, this ceiling can transform a basic kitchen into a sophisticated room, which can be a key selling point for your home.

Exposed Beams Ceiling

The concept of exposed ceiling beams was made popular by French designers, and then it was later employed in the construction of barn houses. But in the past couple of years, this ceiling design has been embraced by many across the globe.

The style of exposed ceiling beams tricks people into thinking that your kitchen space is much bigger than it is. In doing so, this type of ceiling causes people to focus on other aspects of the room; hence, allowing other elements in your kitchen to be the star of the room.

Vaulted Ceiling

A vault is an architectural term, referring to an arched pattern used to provide a space with a ceiling. Using vaulted ceilings in your kitchen offers several benefits, one of which is to create an airy atmosphere.

Natural light aficionados would also love this kind of ceiling as it gives them a chance to use plenty of glass, which allows light into the space. Also, vaulted ceilings provide an area where the hot air from cooking appliances can escape to. This is beneficial during summer. The only drawback is that during winter, the vaulted space would use up more energy to heat up.

Decorative Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

One way you can improve your kitchen design is by using decorative ceiling tiles. The best thing about these tiles is that they're super easy to install. Plus, they aren't that pricey and, you will have a ton of materials and styles to pick from.

Ceiling tiles have just recently gained their popularity, but for good reasons. They come in a variety including ones made from metal. Some common ceiling tiles that you can install in your kitchen are Styrofoam, copper, tin, faux tin, and aluminum.



Choosing a Kitchen Ceiling

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The humidity level in any kitchen will always be high. Depending on what you’re cooking, there can be a ton of smoke. If you factor in the continually rising temperatures, all these elements can wreak havoc on your kitchen ceiling. Consequently, you should pay more attention to quality and durability before purchasing a ceiling for your kitchen. But what other factors should you be looking for in this ceiling? Well, a kitchen ceiling ought to be:

  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Capable of hiding any flaws
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth and beautiful



How to Decorate your Kitchen Ceiling?

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Kitchens can sometimes be cold, echoing and look oversized. Luckily, a ceiling is one of those elements that can improve its look. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate your kitchen ceiling:

Paint it

Color can have a significant effect on how something looks. Light colors like the standard white ceiling have an impact on visually receding the area. Warm colors, on the other hand, are considered "cozy". When painting your kitchen ceiling, pick a color that is a shade or two darker than your walls. For example, if your kitchen walls are chocolate, then paint a vibrant burnt orange to brighten the space.

Use wood moldings for your kitchen ceiling

For the homeowner with a limited budget, decorative wood moldings are an inexpensive solution. With a bit of paint, you can easily turn your kitchen ceiling to be the most captivating element of the room.

Use decals or stencils

Decals and stencils are one of the best decorations for smooth ceilings. They will give your kitchen a magnificent look. Plus, they add an individual taste to the room.

Incorporate plaster of Paris arts in the ceiling

There are several benefits to using this kind of plaster. For one, the plaster of Paris is highly-resistant to moisture, so it will protect your ceiling and extend its lifespan. Secondly, this plaster is an eco-friendly material. It's also durable and holds up well against harsh elements.


Picking the right lighting fixture for your kitchen ceiling is crucial. Lighting serves a lot more than be a visible decoration. It’s a key component that determines the quality of light throughout your kitchen.

When choosing a lighting fixture for your kitchen ceiling, keep in mind that some are ideal for work lighting while others don’t work too well. The most recommended kitchen ceiling lighting is recessed lighting. These lights take up very little space while also helping to illuminate your countertops, cabinets and other work areas.




Most designers describe the ceiling as a fifth wall, and if you think about it critically, it makes sense. Why do homeowners pay attention to the four walls in their kitchens, when there’s another right above their heads?After all, there are a ton of kitchen ceiling designs to choose from. You can opt for a vaulted ceiling, decorative ceiling tiles, coffered ceiling or exposed ceiling beams. If you’re looking to upgrade or remodel your kitchen, any of these kitchen ceiling ideas will come in handy. You can also decorate this ceiling using inexpensive items like decals, stencils and wood moldings.

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