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Written by Milan Jara on 1st Oct 2019

Light Cherry – Door Skin – MirroFlex

Interior door skins are an interesting way to change up an entranceway or cupboard face without a lot of fuss. They are a decorating tool that can change up a style in either a home or business area. Often, we look at colors of paint, wood, and flooring to address decorating issues but don’t always think to look farther for new answers. Interior door skins are an interesting way to address this basic décor issue. While door skins aren’t as flashy as perhaps wall or ceiling tiles and panels, doing some innovative things with doors is certainly an easy way to spruce up a tired entrance or cabinet area. It's great to get out of the normal decorating groove and look at something new and economical.

Door skins are an innovative way to make decorating changes without a lot of mess. The great thing about them is they are meant to work with the doors and cupboards you already have in your space. You don’t need to rip out any cabinetry or try and find doors that will fit where the existing ones are. You can create a sleek, clean look that helps accent the room's current style of both the area that the door opens into the room on the other side. The design can be modern and up to date creating a neat, clean entranceway and with fresh-looking colors to go with other decorating mediums.



The Benefits of Interior Door Skins

Light Walnut – Door Skin – MirroFlex

Door skins are just becoming more well known in the decorating world. They help clean up the look of a room when a door is banged up and looking rough. Installing door skins is an easy process and can save a substantial amount of money as you are simply repurposing the regular door that is already in place.



Working with Door Skins

Door skins are something that can help you complete a decorating project or update a look with very little stress or mess. They can create a clean finish in an area that may be looking a little rough and needs some TLC. They can help complete an area where you already went through all the trouble of redecorating only to then have the entrance to that room look old and shabby. If you have chosen a color scheme for a room, chances are there will be door skins that will work with the color. While these skins are often designed for full-size doors, they can also be cut down if you want to use them in a smaller capacity such as in kitchens or bathrooms. There are enough color choices to make sure your decorating doesn’t stop at the door but goes beyond it and can blend with any other areas that they may open up on to. It is a good idea to look at door skins when you are planning your overall decorating outcome. If you know the style and colors of the rooms that door will be connecting, then you can include your search for door skins in the planning as you move forward.

Interior Door Skins at Home

Medium Walnut – Door Skin – MirroFlex

Interior door skins are a great way to renovate without going overboard financially. If you are looking for a quick easy way to finish off decorating a room or maybe give a perk to some doors, the skins can do this. They can complement a color scheme without all the fuss of having to purchase new doors and installing them. You can use these door skins on doors that are already in your and simply cover and update them to match the current décor or the one that you may be changing to. You have door skins that are wood style that can be the connector between rooms. If you have a classically designed area that is using dark colors such as in a library, den or study area then a darker skin would probably work well. Using cherry or walnut will tie the depth of color found in the interior room through to the room on the other side of the door. Using a lighter color such as maple can also work if the rooms that it opens onto are done in a lighter vein of decorating.

Along with full-size entrance doors, you can also work with smaller doors in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. There are no inexpensive ways to renovate kitchen or bathroom cabinets when they are at the point of looking rough and battered. However, if you choose skins that match the color of the cabinets and décor you may be able to clean them up for a new look. Using the maple or white can offer some flexibility depending on the type of cabinets you currently have installed. While this can’t work for all small doors it may allow you some flexibility with those that are flat. A new skin and new hardware could give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new look.

Interior Door Skins at Your Business

Door skins are a big benefit if you need to make some changes in your business decor but have a limited budget. They can also help if your business has a door that is in a high traffic area and damage may be a frequent thing. If the doors that are currently in place are flat paneled, then door skins may be the way to go if you are trying to keep the business looking clean and fresh without being high maintenance and costly. Darker colors such as Portuna which is a color that offers a combination of black and grey to give a dark wood look to the skin can be extremely helpful. Using a dark color such as this or Noce Seccia means there will be less noticeable wear in high traffic areas unlike if you used a white skin. These darker colors will be especially helpful if you are going between an office space and a manufacturing space where there is a constant flow of different people. Skins are also helpful in places like daycares where there is a constant need to wipe things down. The smooth laminate of the door skin makes keeping them clean much easier than normal wood finishes. There are lots of opportunities in businesses to use these skins not only for the look of them but for the easy care of them as well.



Good Coverage at Home or in the Office

Whether you use these interior door skins in a home or office, they offer a flexible, economic decorating idea that can clean up or be the finishing touch on a room and easy care in busy areas. The fact that they come in a variety of colors and can be modified in size will allow some easy decorating on a budget. 

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