Impress Your Guests with Stunning Copper and Faux Copper Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 24th Jul 2012

There’s something about the warm, reddish-orange glow of copper reflecting light that imparts an atmosphere of elegance to a room. Our copper, faux copper, and copper finish decorative ceiling tiles are a simple and easy way to add that rich look to your home or business.

A Rich History

Copper has a long and brilliant history. It was the first metal to be mined and has been used to make everything from Egyptian jewelry to Greek sculptures to Roman architecture. Because of its excellence at conducting electricity, it is used more than ever today in electronic wiring and computers. But copper’s usefulness is far outshone by its beautiful red-orange brilliance.

We Match Your Budget

We offer a variety of materials and finishes, so one of them is bound to fit your budget. Feeling flush? Try our most luxurious solid aged copper. Watching your wallet? Get almost the same sensation of richness with our solid copper. Really pinching your pennies? Our faux copper aluminum and tin with copper finish are just the ticket at less than half the price. We even have beautiful, inexpensive styrofoam tiles that look so realistic you’d swear they’d been aged for years.

Are You Detecting a Pattern?

Jackson Square Tile

We offer over 200 patterns in our most luxurious solid aged copper and solid copper decorative ceiling tile designs. We can make any of our real metal products in both of these materials, and we can even create nearly any custom design for you.

From the intricate design of our 148 Tiny Tulips in antique copper, to the simple elegance of our 2431 Jackson Square in solid aged copper, to the sharp geometrics of 1220 Classic Deco Diamonds in solid copper, there’s a style that will fit right in with any décor you can imagine.

You’d Swear They Were Real Antiques

Cobblestone Copper Patina Tile

One of our most fascinating finishes is the Copper Patina, featuring the beautiful soft, warm green patina of real aged copper.

The cobblestone pattern would be especially suited for an upscale restaurant or anywhere you want to give the impression of timeless elegance.

All of our copper, faux copper, and mock copper tiles are lightweight and easy to install. Our faux copper tiles are affordable as well, and our styrofoam copper-finish tiles add an extra bonus of insulation. So install any of these beautiful decorative ceiling tiles and add the warm glow of copper to your ceiling, photo backdrop, headboard—or even your back yard!

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