Hand Painted Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Dec 2020

Laurel Wreath Fad Hand painted-Ceiling tile

By using  hand-painted glue-up ceiling tiles, you get a direct, straight-forward application, as long as you have a flat, solid surface to install the tiles on directly. There are many reasons why you should use glue-up ceiling tiles, and when they’re hand-painted, it creates a much-enhanced look to your home. Installation is simple, plus they immediately change the feel of a room.  

If you’re looking for spectacular hand-painted glue-up ceiling tiles, our collection is here to inspire you. Here are some of the best and most beautiful tiles we offer:

Golden Prague IV

Golden Prague IV Fad Hand painted Ceiling tile

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This Victorian-style ceiling tile is a beautiful piece of art that enhances any room you can imagine. Whether your ceiling is drywall, plaster, concrete, or plywood, these tiles are compatible. The mixture of colors and the patterns that make up this gorgeous style is enough to give your home a splendid and elegant appeal.

The colors included in this tile are antique bronze, Olympic gold, and Venetian blue. Each tile is 23 ¾ inches square in size and weighs 9.2 ounces.

Alhambra III

Alhambra III Fad Hand painted Ceiling tile

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This design is another Victorian-style ceiling tile that looks amazing in most traditionally-styled rooms. As far as colors, this tile provides a warm glow that catches the eye, made up of beautiful colors like blackened bronze, sapphire, and pewter.

With a tile size of 23 ¾ inches square and PVC material, these tiles can be applied directly over drywall, plaster, concrete, plywood, and even a suspended ceiling or grid system. Use them in places like bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms to make these spaces picturesque and worthy of attention.

Steampunk V

Steampunk V Fad Hand painted Ceiling tile

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This style is another PVC made ceiling tile that includes a wonderful pattern and excellent detail. It’s compatible with drywall, plaster ceilings, concrete, plywood, and suspended grid systems.

The colors in this stunning ceiling tile include Olympic gold, warm silver, and sapphire. Although it comes with a popular pattern, the colors give these tiles a mesmerizing look and feel.

Steampunk VI

Steampunk VI Fad Hand painted Ceiling tile

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This traditional-style ceiling tile has become a popular choice for our customers. It’s made of PVC and comes in beautiful colors like brass, warm silver, and hunter green. When you complete the application of these ceiling tiles, you’ll be amazed by the effect it creates in the space. The hunter green adds an extra pop of color that brings a lot to the design.

If you’re looking to easily install a set of ceiling tiles that creates an elegant and stylish look, the Steampunk VI tile is an excellent choice. Like all of our glue-up ceiling tiles, this set is rated for fire safety and can help dampen the sound in any room.

Golden Prague III

Golden Prague III Fad Hand painted Ceiling tile

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This collection of ceiling tiles is made of PVC and has a Victorian style. The center gold pattern of each tile stands out and creates a focal point to any room without being overwhelming. The gold pattern blends in well with the other colors and textures to create a stunning look. The colors included are antique bronze, Olympic gold, and antique copper.

These tiles are easy to trim and install, so you can apply them right away. If you currently have a drywall, plaster, concrete, or plywood ceiling, then this ceiling tile is an effective choice to cover it.

Rustic Lattice III

Rustic Lattice III Fad Hand painted Ceiling tile

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This rustic set of glue-up ceiling tiles may look a little basic, but when it’s on your ceiling, you’ll be amazed by the result. If you’re looking for a rustic interior in your home, then this ceiling tile certainly give you that effect. It would look amazing in a man cave or a remodeled basement.

Like the majority of our glue-up ceiling tiles, these tiles are made from PVC and are 23 ¾ inches square. The colors included are blackened bronze and Olympic gold, and together, they create a glistening effect that enhances the look and feel of any space in your home.

Laurel Wreath V

Laurel Wreath V Fad Hand painted Ceiling tile

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The Laurel Wreath V collection can spark any space into an elegant, mature environment. The style of these ceiling tiles is traditional Roman, and you can see just how spectacular the pattern is on each one. The colors in this stunning tile include silver, warm silver, hunter green, and steel gray.

Unlike the other ceiling tiles on this list, this set is 24 inches square, so bear that in mind before purchasing this beautiful collection. Despite this slight size difference, you can apply these tiles over the majority of ceilings in no time at all.

If you’re looking to turn any room into a home and stylish place, the Laurel Wreath V ceiling tiles do exactly that. Apply them to the ceiling and take pleasure in the compliments you’ll receive from guests.

Downtown II

Downtown II Fad Faux patina Finish - Hand painted Ceiling tile

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The Downtown II may be a little more expensive than most of our glue-up ceiling tiles, but you cannot deny the beauty and eye-catching detail in each one. They are made of PVC in the Victorian style and have a faux-patina finish.

This ceiling tile has colors of green patina over bronze paint and green patina over copper paint, providing a unique and mesmerizing finish.

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