Great Metal Backsplash: Ideas on a Budget

Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Aug 2018

Princess Victoria – Aluminum Backsplash Tile – #0604 - Mill Finish

When you think of kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, many materials probably come to mind. Tiles made from ceramic, marble, glass, etc. But while all backsplash materials are similarly effective, they are not all equal. This article provides great metal backsplash ideas for those on a budget.

First and foremost, appearance differs between types of material. So does ease of installation. Then, there is the cost to consider. Even a small area backsplash can quickly become expensive when materials and labor are accounted for. This is especially true of the metal backsplash, which has seen its popularity surge in recent years. Despite being one of the easiest types to install, its costs can be among the steepest.

Fortunately, current manufacturing techniques and a little creativity can combine for beautiful results without breaking the bank. Here at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we’ve assembled a few great metal backsplash ideas for those on a budget.



Sometimes, Looks Really are Everything: The Benefit of Faux Tin

Autumn Leaves – Aluminum Backsplash Tile – #0608 - Mill Finish

Among metal tiles, tin is the most common and well-liked material. But while genuine tin tile still exists, the term itself has become a catchall for similarly designed tiles of differing material. It isn’t unusual to see a metal backsplash with tiles comprised of aluminum or copper. Even most tin tile is really just stainless steel plated with tin. And it’s this last fact that drives home our next point: you don’t need tin to get the tin tile look.

Thanks to modern technology, non-metal alternatives exist that can produce the beauty and durability of metal. Materials ranging from PVC and styrene to urethane and styrofoam can achieve the appearance of tin tiles. And these often come with the added benefit of producing a lower cost metal backsplash.

Naturally, the designs and motifs found in metal tiles can be easily reproduced for non-metal alternatives. And for some materials, the sheen and hue of true metal tiles can be added in at the time of production. But most tiles, regardless of material, can be customized for any color palette. And nearly all can be further colored with water-based or other paints. This means your metal backsplash can be tailored to match the color theme of your kitchen or bath.

On top of this, a metal backsplash that is metal only in appearance is less susceptible to corrosion. Also, it won’t have the telltale echo that true metal can add to a room’s inherent sound qualities. For these reasons and others, it’s well worth it to consider non-metal tiles for your metal backsplash.



A Perfect Pairing: the Accented Metal Backsplash

Gwen’s Cabin – Aluminum Backsplash Tile – #0512 - Palomino

Our next idea allows you to get creative with your design really. And the great thing is that the concept works equally well with metal and faux metal tiles alike. These means a lot more options in terms of appearance and cost breakdowns. Here’s the basic idea: combine materials. Instead of producing a metal backsplash that is just metal tiles, consider mixing in less expensive material types.

The following are a few suggestions for paired materials for your metal backsplash:


 – In addition to being fairly easy to cut and shape, it goes well with just about any material. And excluding a few more exotic species, the natural color of your chosen wood is likely to be neutral. But remember: this is for a metal backsplash. So, while the metal will already be resistant to moisture, you’ll have to buy a treated wood or brush on a sealant.


 – Stone tiles are, perhaps, second only to wood in their variety. There are several common types of stone used for the production of tile. Marble, granite, and limestone are among the most common. However, with a touch more imagination and effort, you can create a design that uses real stones. Try framing in the tiles of your metal backsplash by sealing loose stones around it. This is a fantastic way to add some flair to your metal backsplash while keeping costs down. And the design possibilities are as endless as the color options.


 – Ceramic tile can provide a similar accent to a metal backsplash as stone tile. Likewise, its installation is roughly the same, and its cost is around the same as most stone. However, where stone tiles can differ slightly in color and appearance, basic ceramic tiles tend to be more uniform. And ceramic tile can also carry designs and colors like those found in metal and faux tin tiles. This opens up a lot of interesting choices for blending designs with your choice of metal backsplash tiles.


 – While probably the most expensive tile on this shortlist, glass generally costs less than metal. And its transparent qualities are unique among the other materials. Even when painted, glass tile has a certain luminescence beyond what simple ceramics offer. The surface of a metal backsplash already has a love affair with light. So, accenting it with glass tile can create a stunning showpiece in your kitchen or bath.

Keep in mind that whatever the pairing material you choose, the installation will be slightly more involved. But the design possibilities and your end result will make the extra effort worth it.



Roll with Your Inspiration: Rolls or Sheets Instead of Tile

1 1/4″ Pattern – Faux Tin Backsplash Roll – #WC 20 - Antique Copper

So far, we’ve introduced several options for cutting costs while achieving the vision for your metal backsplash. And some of these have involved a bit of creativity, which usually entails extra labor. However, we realize that time is money, and budgets aren’t based on price alone. There’s a reason that “on time and under budget” is a common phrase.

Looking for something faster to apply? Are you happy with keeping your metal backsplash design a little simpler? Consider faux metal rolls instead of tile.

With rolls, you get the same benefits as faux metal tiles. However, the design options are more limited. But if you want something more than a flat metal surface, there are some lovely embossed rolls on the market. And you get the added bonus of a reduction in cost per square foot versus tile.

Rolls usually come in 2’ by 25’ (50 Sq.ft) sections. And they cut easily with scissors, just like faux metal tiles. A longer span and easier shaping mean a much faster installation compared with true metal tiles. All this means more time and money for the next phase of your home improvement project. It also means you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor a lot sooner.



Final Thoughts

As we’ve shown, you don’t have to break the bank to bring some elegance to your metal backsplash design. And there are a wealth of options out there for even the tightest of budgets. Decorative Ceiling Tiles can help you explore these options, and bring your interior design vision to life.

We hope you enjoyed this article, “Great Metal Backsplash ideas on a budget." Check out our site for more inspiration and products to achieve your interior design vision. And, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the most recent posts and updates. Thanks for reading!

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