Go Green with EcoTiles

Written by Milan Jara on 17th Feb 2013

Have you been thinking about improving your ceilings but are environmentally conscious and weren’t sure about using Styrofoam tiles? Now you can get that same beautiful pristine white look in an environmentally friendly style with our new EcoTiles.

Nature Beckons

We are pleased to announce that our first offering of seven beautiful designs from which to choose includes many beautiful styles such as the calming Zen Garden and the beautiful Tide Pool, as well as the restful Lotus Pond and the intriguing Bamboo Forest.

All of these attractive tiles feature 3D designs varying from 1/4” to 1/2” deep, allowing them to add both dimension and interest to the ceiling or any area they cover.

Zen Garden EcoTile White

Environmentally Friendly and Stylish

These 1.2 mm-thick tiles are created from bamboo pulp in much the same way that paper is created from wood pulp. Like the current line of Styrofoam tiles, these bamboo tiles can be cut with a utility knife, making them easy to install in locations of any shape.

Zen Garden EcoTile Hand Painted

Easy to Install

EcoTiles are easy to install using a solvent-based contact cement such as Weldwood Original Formula by DAP or Heavy Duty Contact Cement by Lepage.

The tiles can be ordered in the standard white or in a variety of hand-painted colors, or they can be painted by the installer using any type of paint.

So if you’ve been contemplating a more beautiful ceiling but were hesitating because of environmental concerns, hesitate no longer. Our beautiful natural bamboo pulp EcoTiles are a perfect fit for any environment! Go green with EcoTiles!

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