Five Easy Ways to “Summerize” Your Bathroom

Written by Milan Jara on 22nd Apr 2012

Summer is almost here and, to paraphrase the song, with temperatures rising, it isn’t surprising that your thoughts may turn to giving your home a lighter, brighter look. Of course, our decorative ceiling tiles are here to help, and the perfect room to start is the coolest of all, the bathroom.

1. Cool It!

Start out by removing all those heat-throwing fuzzy rugs and seat covers. The feel of cool, smooth tile or linoleum beneath your bare feet will perk up those tired tootsies, and it won’t cost you a dime!

2. On the Bright Side

One of the nice things about decorating a bathroom is that these are usually smaller rooms, so redecorating them is faster and easier (and less expensive) than making over a large living room or formal dining room. Of course, the drawback of a small room is that it is often dark. To brighten things up for summer, add linens and shower curtains with bright primary colors, summery stripes, fun polka dots, or, if you’re feeling brave, just a clear plastic curtain.

3. Lighten Up

Another easy way to give that lighter feeling to your room is to remove all of the heavy, heat-inducing knicknacks, clutter, and even paintings. Replace your heavy paintings with tropical-themed photos, put out a few coconut-lime scented candles or air fresheners, put up some Island Oasis ceiling tiles, and you’ll have a license to chill in your own private Margaritaville!

4. Color Me Cool

The hot color for this summer (pun intended) is cool mint green. Luckily, we have hand-painted tiles in a variety of materials that will impart that fresh, cool mint feeling to your bathroom and can be installed in less than a day. Of course, you can always easily paint our white styrofoam ceiling tiles with any water-based paint if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of guy or gal.

Fleur-de-Lis Tile in Caribbean Sea Green

And one of the best things is that when the season, or fashion, changes, the tiles can be just as quickly and easily replaced.

5. The Heat Is On

Of course, if you’re one of those lucky people who thrive in heat and humidity, why not go with a lush, warm, tropical look? With its high humidity, the bathroom is a perfect home for tropical plants and greenery. There are plenty of animal- and jungle-themed bathroom linens and shower curtains to complement the rainforest look.

Rainforest Canopy Tile

To complete the tropical look, try our Rainforest Canopy tiles or perhaps our Classic Mayan Temple tiles.

Summer is just around the corner, so don’t procrastinate or wait to prepare until those visiting friends and relatives arrive. Just dive in and start with some small changes in your bathroom, add some summery decorative ceiling tiles, and you’ll have a cool haven so wonderfully relaxing that you’ll never want to get out of the tub!

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