Dual-Purpose Design

Written by Milan Jara on 24th Sep 2011

Why limit yourself to just one design style when decorating your rooms when you can free yourself up to use a wide range of styles and furnishings with these four-pointed star design Styrofoam ceiling tiles that combine a sleek, modern look with just a touch of retro art deco?

Star Foam Ceiling Tile

Featuring swirls and open ovals that meet to form a star in the center of each 20” x 20” tile, these beautiful tiles blend the best of both worlds. The open ovals lend an interesting touch that will draw your attention without being too busy, while the swirls add sleek and smooth curves to save your room from looking too plain and stark. Additionally, the four points of the star give a balanced look to each individual tile. When the tiles are joined together, that same balanced look will be extended to the room and can even be used throughout your entire home.

Leave these tiles white to give your room a modern look or add a touch of softness by painting them a warm off-white, beige or gray. For a more art deco look, choose a soft pastel pink, pale blue, or sea-foam green.

Living Rooms

White or black and chrome furniture always gives a look of the avant-garde to a room, but this look can often be too stark. Add a touch of interest to your very modern room by covering up boring plain, popcorn, or acoustic ceilings with these stylish tiles. Using vertical blinds will add a linear look and will also help keep your carpet from fading. With a few modern art paintings or prints on the wall and some bright red flowers on a glass coffee table, you will have a room that is both sleek and interesting to your guests. Change those paintings to 1930s movie or travel posters and you will have your art deco look.

Dining Rooms and Kitchens

Dining rooms and kitchens should be the heart of the family home. Even if you are going for a modern look, you should still try to make these rooms a place where your family will enjoy gathering to discuss the day’s events while enjoying their meals. Whether your dining room or kitchen has a sleek chrome-and-glass table or a marble counter and butcher’s block island, these star tiles will help soften the room and make it appear more inviting and appetizing.

Star Foam Ceiling Tile


Another great place to add these tiles is the bathroom. Leave them white and install white or white-and-black floor tiles for an instant, inexpensive upgrade. Install large round dressing room light fixtures around the mirror for the finishing touch that will make you feel like the star of your own home.

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