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Written by Milan Jara on 22nd Nov 2018

Parthenon Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Drop In 24x24 236

If you are looking for that old tin ceiling look for your home, but are not sure if your current ceiling is level or strong enough to provide the required support, shift to a drop-ceiling tile arrangement. Not everyone is sure what this type of ceiling looks like. So, look up the next time you visit your favorite mall or store!

What many homeowners don't know is that that there is a bevy of decorative elements. All of which are different in terms of functionality, acoustics, and aesthetics. Most ceiling decors will do just fine in any room but some are room specific and so they might not make much of a difference if placed in the wrong room. Which is why it is important for homeowners to differentiate the various types of decorative elements used in the house.

The drop ceiling, also known as the suspended ceiling, has been in use for many years since they provide access to the services above. You just lift one tile up and then climb through to the roof. In addition, they are easy to install and offer many attractive qualities.

The qualities that make decorative ceiling tiles popular for commercial purpose will also help you upgrade your home’s ceiling during a remodel. Whether you want to add recessed lighting in the basement, hide ugly tube wiring and ductwork, use tin tiles, metal tiles, or even plastic tiles, a drop ceiling will help you create a decorative ceiling quickly and easily. Here are a few tips to help you install your drop ceiling perfectly and in a quick and easy way.



How to Install Drop-ceiling Tiles

Installing drop-ceiling tiles is a rewarding experience as it gives your home a personalized look. Once your home is complete, you feel a sense of immense satisfaction.

However, the way you cut your tiles determines the success of your DIY project. Even if you cut your tile meticulously, and then install the supporting grid successfully, it is possible to ruin the final look through a poor tile installation. Here are the steps to help you install your tiles properly.



Determine the Type of Drop-ceiling in Your Home

Measurement and cutting are done based on the type of grid and ceiling installed in your home. First, determine which type of grid you have and the ceiling tiles you wish to install. The material does not matter; the important thing here is your tile’s profile.

Da Vinci Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Drop In 24x24 215 - Antique Copper

Drop-ceiling grids come in two types; a 2x2 or 2x4 arrangement. Also, there is a 15/16-inch wide ceiling grid or a 9/16 narrow faced grid, which is a little less common. Ceiling profiles are of two types: square edge or tegular design.

Note that you can use tiles in any combination, but be sure you know what grid you already have so that you can find the right tiles.

Measure and Cut Border Drop-ceiling Tiles

Here are the steps to follow when installing drop-ceiling tiles onto grids of different dimensions.

15/16-inch grid with 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling tiles

Begin by taking measurements at two points on either side of a grid opening, as this will help you find the right measurement in case your wall isn’t straight. Take your measurement as close to the edge of your tee as possible and then add 1/8 inches.

Place the tiles flat on the floor and scribble the measurement you took on the entire tile. Using a sharp knife, cut your tile’s edge by making at least four passes so that your knife cuts through. Then, install your tiles and be sure to check whether they fit properly. Even if they fit loosely, no gaps should be visible.

15/16-inch grid with 2x2 revealed drop-ceiling tiles

Start by taking one measurement at the center of your grid’s opening. Take the measurementfrom your closest edge then deduct 1/8 inches. Again, place your tiles on the floor and scribble the length you measured onto the tile. With a utility knife, cut the tile and be sure to make more than four passes.

Install the tile then pull it up closer to the tee and ensure that both tile and tee are square. Hold your tile firmly down and scribble along the entire length but make sure not to allow your blade to reach your wall’s angle.

Take down your ceiling from its grid. With a sharp knife, follow the lines you scribbled and make at least three passes and cut halfway through thetile’s depth. Using the same knife, make two passes and ensure you achieve a depth equal to that of the first cut.

Afterward, you should see a kerf, approximately 3/8 inches x 3/8 inches x 24 inches. Take it off and dispose of.

Reinstall your tile on the grid and ensure everything fits properly. The interaction point between tile and grid should have no gaps and your tile should be cut nicely with no frays.



How to Repair Damaged Drop-ceiling

Once you have installed drop-ceiling tiles, they require occasional repair—especially if you have a leaking roof. Here are the steps to follow when maintaining or repairing your drop-ceiling tiles.

Check to See if the Tiles Can Be Repaired

Most drop ceiling tiles are made of fiber-like materials. For that reason, these tiles can be repaired if gouged, scratched, or nicked. Tiles with a rougher texture are easier to repair compared to those with a smoother texture.

If your ceiling is damaged by water stains, it is best to replace it with a new one. This kind of damage is permanent.

Tiles that are damaged due to scratching or nicking are easy to repair. Simply remove any loose fiber and cover the damaged area with caulk whose color matches your tile. Apply the caulk carefully and spread it in with your finger. Ensure the caulk does not spread to areas without damage.

Add more caulk if you feel the damage is not properly covered. Once the areas are fully covered, shape the caulk so that it fits your tile’s contours.

If the damage is because of water stains, take down the affected tile and place it on a horizontal surface. Apply some shoe polish.



Tips on How to Keep Your Tiles in Great Condition

Give your drop tiles sufficient headroom so that no one can stretch up and reach them. If you have to access services for maintenance, lift the tiles and stack them one over the other. Avoid sliding your tiles over their grid since that might cause damage.

Before installing drop ceiling tiles, ensure your water system has no leakage. Also, cover your piping with insulation to discourage the formation of condensation.



Wrap Up

Apollo Faux Tin Ceiling Tile 24x24 226 - Antique Silver

Drop ceiling tiles add character and charm to your home. They are easy to install, which makes them a great option for people who prefer DIY projects. As long as you can measure, cut, and fit, there is no reason why you can’t transform your home. Plus, they are easy to maintain so you have nothing to worry about and they give you total access to your services.

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