Decorative Ceiling Tiles a Hit on DIY TV’s Man Caves at Bristol Motor Speedway

Written by Milan Jara on 24th Aug 2012

Once again, Decorative Ceiling Tiles has teamed up with one of Do-It-Yourself TV’s great shows on a fantastic room makeover.

Just in time for August Race Week, Jason Cameron and football legend Tony Siragusa, co-hosts of DIY TV’s Man Caves, took on a 1,000-square-foot suite at the world-famous Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee, to create an impressive, and, as the pair says, “ridiculous” sky box guest suite. And Decorative Ceiling Tiles played a major role in the transformation.

At Home at the Speedway

Among the amenities Cameron and Siragusa added were several fully stocked mini-refrigerators, a host of comfortable leather chairs and couches, recessed track lighting, and full-length wall murals of historic BMS scenes. Cameron and crew made sure to include several strategically placed giant-screen televisions so that guests can relax in style while not missing a second of the NASCAR and other racing action. And lots of checkered flag symbols are the perfect way to indicate that this room is, indeed, a winner!

The Finishing Touch: Decorative Ceiling Tiles

For the ceiling, Cameron used 200 of Decorative Ceiling 222 Schoolhouse faux tin glue-up decorative ceiling tiles in a sophisticated, modern, masculine black.

Black Faux-Tin Ceiling Tile

These black decorative ceiling tiles were the perfect masculine finishing touch, and the faux tin material helps to absorb much of the noise generated by all those roaring engines, guaranteeing that the room would be a real cozy, welcoming getaway.

Outside the Man Cave Box

Cameron acknowledged that this project was a major undertaking and outside the usual box of making smaller residential rooms over into places where men can relax, refresh, and restore, but he and his crew still managed to complete the transition in less than three days.

Now guests in the sky box guest suite will really have the ultimate race day experience! We don’t know if there are any other man caves at Bristol Motor Speedway, but this one surely takes the cake!

Installed Black Ceiling Tiles In BMS

Crossing the Finish Line

The result of all this work was a guest suite that certainly meets Executive Producer Mike Stafford’s goal of making over the suite so that “other people, sitting in the other suites this weekend, will look over and be extremely jealous.”

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