Creating a Fresh Look on a Decorating Budget

Written by Milan Jara on 1st Oct 2019

Madison Square - Tin Ceiling Tile - #1201

Nothing can change the look of a room like the addition of fresh new tiles on your ceiling, walls, or a backsplash. People tend to focus on wall color, window dressings, furniture, and floors without considering the style that can be showcased by dressing up the ceiling, backsplash, or wall space. So many homes built back in the 70’s have a boring popcorn ceiling, painted backsplashes, or small wall area that are out of style and dated. A popcorn ceiling catches dust and spider webs and is terrible to paint or maintain, painted walls can be blasé, and wallpaper is a nightmare to remove. If you want to update a particular room, focus on these areas using new multi-use ceiling tiles to give them a bold, fresh new look.

While creating this type of change can seem overwhelming when you decide to move forward with redecorating with ceiling tiles, it really isn’t. Price can be a big stressor as well. However, it's not hard to find lots of different styles, colors, and ideas that are not going to break the bank. This task of updating may seem daunting at first but if you look at what you have and think of what is possible you can give your room an update in no time at a reasonable price. You can find almost anything you need in the way of decorative tiles in the clearance area. This type of search won’t take long but will ensure you get a good price on the style you want. You will get quality tiles without paying the full price. A win-win situation.



So Many Options

Change is a good thing when it comes to updating your home. Multi-use ceiling tiles are a great way to start. Even though they are deemed ceiling tiles, they can serve in various capacities when you choose to spruce things up. You have many options available even in the area of discontinued tiles. These discontinued items are perfect for smaller areas or large ones if you can find the quantity you need. By scouring the clearance area, you can find a great many quality options for a price that is substantially lower than in-stock tiles. Whether you are looking for tiles with wood grains, white finishes, faux quality to make them look like various types of metal or something a little more out there, they are all available. Once you have chosen what you like and applied them to the area you want to upgrade, they will look stunning and give the room a classy, polished look.

Wood Grains

Rhine Valley – Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles – Drop In – 24x24 – #VC 02 - Rosewood Antique Gold

Wood grains are wonderful options that can give a look of class and luxury to a room whether it be in your home’s library or dining room or in a restaurant or business where you want an area to exude warmth and comfort. Darker woods can create a warm atmosphere and when combined with the right walls, floors, and furniture can finish a room off to look homey and luxurious at the same time. There are woods that are a simple design that will make your room look clean and classy or ones that are a little more artsy for perhaps a dining area or smaller use space. Perhaps a simple darker wood if you are looking for a certain atmosphere in a business. All can be used to create a beautiful ceiling or perhaps on a wall for accent.

White Finishes

Urban Flair – Aluminum Ceiling Tile – 24x24 – #2475 - Aluminum

Going with a tile that is white can make color coordination easy within a room and can also set the tone for a specific design you may be looking for. White tiles can be clean and sleek for a business look or can offer a more classic style if you are looking to add to the style of a bedroom or dining room. Choosing a white and repetitive pattern can pull something like a tech business meeting room together or maybe highlight a store's check out area. Something a little more classic can pull together a lovely look for a classic backsplash in a bright kitchen or in a design on a dining room ceiling to give it a clean finished look.

Faux Finish

Most tiles come with specific finishes that look like wood or plaster; however, there are some that move outside the box and have faux finishes that mimic metal and stone styles. The interesting thing about styling your home or business with these particular tiles is that you can expand your style and show a little more of your personality with them. Whether you are looking for something a little more sleek and stylish or a tile that can give you the old school classy copper look, there are lots of options available in the discontinued section. Keep looking and you will find almost anything that you can think will make your personal style stand out.

A Little Off the Wall

Faux Leather Tile – #DCT LRT326 - Cream

This is the area of clearance tiles that can really make a room stand out. It has lots of products that are stellar in highlighting color and linking both ceilings and walls with fascinating color and textures. Go with mirrored or maybe faux leather to set the tone of a room. You don’t always have to go with the safe and traditional tiles. Some of these discontinued ones are a little more eclectic and can make a room fun and different.



Small Budget, Big Design

Don’t let a small budget keep you from expressing your style. By focusing on the design elements that are sometimes overlooking - ceilings, backsplashes, and boring painted walls - you can make a huge impact without buying new furniture or replacing the flooring. Plus, when you shop out discontinues tiles section, you can get just what you need for a bargain price. You may even have a little money left over.

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