Ceiling Tiles To Honor Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend

Written by Milan Jara on 11th Nov 2011

Whether you have a pet-oriented business or are just one of the millions of dog aficionados, these sparkling tin decorative ceiling tiles featuring the profile of a handsome retriever are a great way to show your love for these magnificent animals.

Pet Shop Pros

Silver Tone Dog's Head Ceiling Tile

If you own a shop that sells pet accessories, these tiles are sure to make your customers smile.

These silver-toned tiles feature the embossed image of a retriever enhanced by an attractive abstract floral figure on each corner, and the entire ceiling tile is bordered by a simple line and dot pattern, making them perfect for any room.

Vets and Kennels

If you’re a small-animal veterinarian, you probably have one of those dull popcorn ceilings or plain white acoustic tiles. Why not spruce up your entire office and entertain your patients’ “humans” with these great-looking tiles? From the outer office waiting area to the examination rooms to the back-office treatment rooms, these tiles will make any area more attractive.

Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend

In a boarding kennel, these tiles would impart a clean, sanitary look that will impress your customers with its healthful, hygienic appeal, whether they are human or canine!

Luxurious Lodges

Retrievers are an integral companion to hunters and fishermen. These Man’s Best Friend tiles would be a beautiful addition to the ceiling of any hunting or fishing lodge. You can even order them in a forest green or deep brown color that would give any cabin that beautiful woodland feeling.

Home Sweet Home

Even if you and your canines don’t live far out in the woods, these attractive tiles will still compliment your menagerie’s household ceilings. Try replacing or covering your sun room, office, or porch ceilings with these canine-themed tiles, and impress all your pet-loving friends.

Picture Perfect

More and more people consider their pets important members of their family. If you’re a photographer, why not take advantage of this sentiment and include these furry friends in family photos? These tiles would make a great backdrop for Christmas and Hanukkah greeting cards and other holiday photos, and you can order them already painted in festive holiday colors, too!

So whether you have a canine companion, sell pet-oriented accessories and supplies, make them healthy, board them, hunt and fish with them, or just love them, these beautiful silver retriever decorative ceiling tiles would be a beautiful addition to any ceiling in your business or home.

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