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Written by Milan Jara on 23rd Jul 2019

Wrought Iron – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Glue up – 24x24 – #205 - Black

Black ceiling tiles might not be the first option that comes to mind. After all, ceilings are traditionally white and painting your ceiling at all. An even lighter color can seem an avant-garde décor choice.

This is especially true if you're choosing ceiling tile options for a smaller space, but the truth is black works very well for several reasons. If you are considering a new ceiling for space or you're wondering if a darker color or black might work for you, here's what you need to know.



Black Ceiling Tiles Hide What You Want Hidden

Perhaps the most common reason why people choose darker colors or black for their ceiling color is to mask the flaws they want hidden. Residue of any mold and mildew especially on a white ceiling can be unbearable to watch.

Think about it like this: what color do you choose in fashion when you want to mask a flaw you don’t like about your body? Black is a popular clothing piece because it helps you downplay what you don’t want others to notice.

The same is true in home décor and in ceiling tiles.

Black on the ceiling helps you conceal a mess. This could range from an old, marked-up ceiling to ductwork in a basement ceiling. True, in some cases you might be able to hide some of it behind drywall, but this takes up space, or it might not even be possible in the area where you are remodeling. Choosing black ceiling tiles is one of the most inexpensive ways to make problems areas seem less noticeable.



Black Ceiling Tiles Make a Dramatic Décor Element

Tiny Tulips – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Glue up – 24x24 – #148 - Black

There are some people out there who use black in their spaces because they love how it looks. It’s a dark neutral, which means you’ll have a lot of freedom when choosing other colors in a space. Adding black to the ceiling can just continue the black trend upwards and create a unified look in the space.

Think about all the classic fabric patterns that contain black, like houndstooth or tartan plaid. Or maybe you’ve created a themed room in black and white. If you’ve incorporated black into the space with these types of fabrics, painting the ceiling tiles black is going to create a cohesive look that is classic and stylish.

And even though it can be classic and understated when paired with the right décor otherwise, black ceiling tiles can also add drama. If you’ve chosen understated fabrics and finishes in a room, black can be just the pop of “wow” you need. It adds architectural interest and gives a space character.

If you have painted the walls black – a bit of a daring adventure for many people – maybe you want to go all the way and create a completely black room. It's not for everyone, but trust us, it can be architecturally dramatic, and when done properly, might end up being the best room you've ever created.



Black Ceiling Tiles Change the Dimensions of the Room

They might not actually change the dimensions. The dimensions will appear to be different. But here's the great thing about black ceiling tiles:

They can make the ceiling look higher or lower.

It's all a matter of the vision you have for space and how you incorporate the dark tiles.

If you want the ceiling to look higher, black tiles mask the boundaries of the room. Paint the walls – or just the top of the wall – black and your eyes will be tricked and unable to see where the wall ends, and the ceiling begins.

Black ceiling tiles can also make the ceiling look lower. This might be something you view as negative, but high ceilings can feel imposing and cold. Painting the ceiling black makes it appear lower, but you don't lose any actual square footage. You get a cozy feeling space that is just as big as it would be if the ceiling were painted white.

Black tiles also help to define an area. If you’re working with a space where it’s hard to define one part from the other, a black ceiling can do it for you, and you won't need to add rugs or dividers or anything else.

And if you are trying to highlight something architectural in the space, such as unique trim work, there are few elements you can add that will do the trick like a black ceiling. Dark ceiling tiles will make millwork really pop and stand out in any location.



Emphasizing the View

La Scala – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24x24 – #223 - Black

A great view is a great view, but if you want to highlight the view and make it stand out, black can help. Black surfaces draw your eye toward the vista and will make the view the main focus of any interior.

Think of it like laying out the red carpet that leads to the main event. Black ceilings help create a feeling of anticipation when you want to emphasize a vista outside of the window of a room.



You’re a Design Rebel

Sometimes a black ceiling is a right choice just because you like to do things differently. Black ceiling tiles offer a number of practical and design benefits, but the truth is they are unorthodox.

Even though more people are using black on the ceiling and it is more mainstream than ever, it's still unexpected and will make a bold statement in the space. If you like to be rebellious in your design choices, this is one of the most expensive and easiest ways to accomplish your goals.

Finally, adding other styles, like a gypsum board or metal features, that would break the decorative pattern and make everything else pop out even more.



The Bottom Line

Tiny Tulips – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Glue up – 24x24 – #148 - Black

It's a design element to which you should give serious consideration. It might not be your first choice because of your pre-conceptions about black ceilings, but it might offer exactly what you're looking for in a space. If you are planning to add ceiling tiles into the design or you're redoing the entire space and want ideas for how to make it dramatic or add interest to it, black ceiling tiles should be on your list of considerations.

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