Tin Medallions for Tin Ceilings - Aluminum, Copper and Steel

Our Metal Ceiling Medallions are used in conjunction with our Metal Ceiling Tiles. They are used arround lights and fans in most cases to give the project a complete look.  Not only Tin Plated Steel material is avaiable but also Aluminum and Solid Copper.   There is about 80 finishes to choose from that we use on the Aluminum Medallions.  Most of these come in as 1 panel but some are 4 panel make ups. 

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Tin Medallions

One characteristic that all well designed rooms seem to share is a focal point or accent that can draw visitors’ eyes when they enter the space. A focal point can be as simple as under-cabinet lighting in a kitchen or as intricate as using different types of wood in a hardwood floor, but in every case they serve to accentuate the beauty of the room and its furnishings.

One of the methods designers use to create a focal point on ceilings is to install a decorative medallion around a central light fixture or ceiling fan. The medallion may be painted the same as the ceiling and just use its profile to create an accent or it may be painted to match the interior trim in the room such as the crown molding and chair-rail to serve as a contrast to the ceiling expanse.

Upgrading your ceiling to tin ceiling tiles doesn’t mean you have to forget about using medallions to create a focal point in your room. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers several one tile and four tile medallion designs that are sure to draw your guests’ eyes when they come to visit.

The medallions are available in tin covered steel, aluminum, and solid copper to match your tin ceiling tiles or use a copper medallion with tin or aluminum tiles to create a dramatic contrast. Aluminum medallions are available in the more than 80 prefinished colors that Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ classic, contemporary, and custom aluminum tiles can be found in.

Most medallion styles can be purchased for nail-up or drop-in applications, but choose the right style for your installation as sizes can vary slightly. Add a touch of elegance to your ceiling upgrade by installing a tin medallion during your tile installation.