How to Replace Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles - A Step-By-Step Guide

Whether your styrofoam ceiling tiles have water stains, cracks, or other damage, they'll inevitably need replacing. However, the process you use to replace your tiles will depend on the type of tiles you use, either drop-in or glue-up. This guide will walk you through replacing both types of styrofoam ceiling tiles to ensure your ceiling turns out perfectly.

How to Replace Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles in a Suspended Ceiling

Replacing styrofoam tiles for those with a suspended ceiling is quick and easy, as your grid system will already be in place. Locate the tile(s) you wish to replace and pop them out of the brackets. Once your damaged or old tile has been removed, you can place the new tile into the newly vacant space.

How to Replace Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles with Adhesive

If you use glue-up styrofoam ceiling tiles, your replacement process will require slightly more work than drop-in tiles, but it's still very manageable.

1. Remove the Furniture and Cover the Floor

Removing your old tiles can create a mess from all the debris. For this reason, it's best to remove all furniture from the area and lay down a tarp or sheet to make cleaning up easier.

2. Remove the Old/Damaged Tiles

Once your room has been prepped, you can remove any tiles you need to replace. You'll need a ladder, scraper, and hammer for this step. Make sure your ladder is stable, and then climb to a comfortable height to reach the tiles. Insert your scraper between the tile and the ceiling via a seam. Use your hammer to gently tap the scraper in as far as it will go. When your scraper is in an excellent position to provide you with some leverage, jiggle the scraper up and down to separate the tile from the ceiling.

3. Scrape Away Adhesive Residue

When your tile has been successfully removed, you'll likely find some leftover adhesive residue on the ceiling. You'll want to remove as much of this as possible before installing your new tile by scraping it away. A heat gun can be used to heat the residual adhesive and more easily remove it.

4. Install the Replacement Tile

You can install your replacement tile with your old tile removed and the area clean of any leftover adhesive. Apply new adhesive to the back of your tile in 1-1 ½ inch globs. Ensure the sealant is placed in all areas of the tile's back, especially the corners, to ensure a stable and even stick. Next, press the tile into the empty spot where your old tile was removed.

5. Clean Up

After you've replaced the necessary tiles, all that's left to do is remove the sheet on the floor and replace the furniture you removed from the room.

Where to Get Replacement Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

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