How Do You Glue Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles?

How to glue up styrofoam ceiling tiles is easy enough that you can do it yourself in your free time without the help of a professional! Decorative styrofoam ceiling tiles can be installed by applying adhesive to the back of the tile. For the best results,  we recommend Styrofoam adhesive, Instant Grab Ceiling Tile adhesive, or Industrial strength water-based glue. These adhesives are time-tested and water-based options which make them ideal for Styrofoam.  You'll need to apply whatever glue you decide to go with to the back of your tile.  Apply your water-based glue in 1 to 1 ½ inch mounds on the back of your styrofoam ceiling tiles at each surface corner and a few other spots as needed. You shouldn't have to spread the adhesive throughout the tile, but if your current ceiling has a more porous surface, such as a popcorn ceiling, you must put down thicker adhesive mounds.

While trying to figure out how to glue up styrofoam ceiling tiles with the perfect amount of adhesive, you should test out a few tiles and see how they do before adding them to all your tiles. Different ceilings have different needs, but with time and dedication, you will have a room decorated perfectly with new styrofoam ceiling tiles.

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