Are Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Waterproof?

Styrofoam tiles are a popular option for updating a ceiling, but people hesitate to use them in high-humidity rooms. This is because some ceiling tile types can be damaged from prolonged exposure to moisture. But are styrofoam ceiling tiles waterproof? Yes! Styrofoam ceiling tiles are made using polystyrene, a material that doesn't adsorb water and makes the tiles resistant to humidity and moisture. This material makes them an excellent option for places in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or basement, where the ceiling may become damp.

However, although styrofoam tiles are waterproof, you should still take some precautions when using them in moist areas, especially when installing an adhesive. A damp ceiling can reduce the adhesive's effectiveness during the installation process. For this reason, always ensure the ceiling surface is dry before installing styrofoam tiles. It's also advisable to caulk the seams around the tile to prevent any water from accessing the back of it.

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