Regency Tower Condominiums

Regency Tower Condominiums is located in Fort Lauderdale right on the ocean. The management has about 400 residents to please and that is exactly what they did and the ceiling was a big part of it. This project took place at the end of 2016 and was finished in the first part of 2018. Regency Tower Condominiums has 19 floors and has the size of 40,000 Sq. Ft.


Regency Towers looking for replacing their ceiling tiles in all of their common areas that include lobby, mailroom, community room, exercise room or downstairs garage area and all of the residential hallways and there are 19 floors of the hallways. Well the current issue is that they're having old acoustical type of ceiling tiles and in the process of renovating building they wanted a more contemporary and modern look for the building.


Regency Towers found decorative ceiling tiles online and called. Julio answered the phone who is the sales representative. They explained to him what the need was. He invited chair of the design and decorating committee at the Regency Tower into the showroom to show different types of ceiling tiles. We went from, there the quality of ceiling tiles we truly feel a high quality product before selecting the tiles. We was fortunate because decorative ceiling tiles provided me with a sample and we brought it to the building and before selecting them we had our maintenance people actually look at them and try them out in the ceiling so not only were they beautiful to look at however they were extremely practical from a maintenance point of view. So they were well made they weren't flimsy at all and the tiles that we selected by the way with the MirroFlex tile.

MirroFlex tiles are very nice because they actually sit in the grid since in our residential hallways some of the ceiling tiles were not the acoustical pin type they were actually kind of a very flimsy plastic type of tile. Every time in order to do some repair we had to go into the ceilings, we would push him up and we couldn't get them to come back on the grid and so all the tiles were misplaced and it just looked terrible, whereas the MirroFlex tiles actually sit on the grid. Another point in maintenance, if there was ever flooding or a water leak with the MirroFlex tiles. They simply take them out wipe them clean and put them right back with the other acoustical tiles because they're made of PVC. They aren't only beautiful to look at but they are practical for maintenance.


In Regency Towers Condominium we had the floors installed and we had you know some residents. There are 203 unit from the building which means that you have over 400 people that you have to please when the floors were done some people liked them some people didn't but once the ceiling tiles went in everybody loves the project absolutely beautiful they could really see the entire vision of the project we have white shiny floors and then we have the beautiful white near reflect ceiling tiled and together it is just an incredible look for the building it just looks very upscale it looks very classy and very contemporary which was our look so we have to tell you if we had not purchased the ceiling tiles we do not believe that we would have as many police residents as we have they really truly capped off the entire project. Our sales associate which was Julio and Milan actually we worked with both of them they were very knowledgeable about the product they're courteous and they are conscientious so we would highly recommend Madison to other people as well and in addition to that even after we purchased the ceiling tiles, we are going back to the showroom we have found additional products that we are now going to purchase to even enhance our project. We are completely satisfied with messages ceiling tiles and We would highly recommend them to others.

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Fort Lauderdale Florida

MirroFlex Ceilings
Smooth – 24 in. x 24 in. – Revealed Edge Lay-in Ceiling Tile Pack - Gloss White
Smooth - 24 in. x 24 in. - Revealed Edge Lay-in Ceiling Tile Pack

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Regency Tower Condominiums
Regency Tower Condominiums
Regency Tower Condominiums
Regency Tower Condominiums
Regency Tower Condominiums

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