Kitchen Ceiling Makeover by Albert Nelson Jr.

22nd Mar 2012

Albert Nelson Jr. has reminded me why I have started this company. My reaction was very much the same.

Your product is the GREATEST !!
I cannot say enough about the selection , ease of installation , quick shipping , web site , etc...........
I have shown it (your product , the results, and pictures ) to many people.
I even went so far.. as to ask Home Depot , Lowes , True Value,  and many others  here in Maine, why they don't carry your product.
They all say.... "Never heard of it, never seen it,  etc..
I cannot believe that this MIRACLE product hasn't taken over the ceiling market !
I haven't even had to caulk a seam, as the panels fit so snuggly together.
I recommend pre painting a dark colored ceiling white, before installing white panels. ( just in case of a hairline gap )
I also recommend  "Acryl Pro" as the choice of adhesive. It is white , and doesn’t show through the panels.
I tried "Liquid Nails" on one ceiling , but the dark colored adhesive showed through the white panels and I had to paint it afterwards.
I ran a few experiments with it also.
1. I sprayed it heavily with an aerosol air freshener.  ( No damage. )
2. I left painters tape on it for days.  ( It peeled off easily with no damage. )
3. I installed it on one sheet rock ceiling that was not taped/mudded. ( It worked perfect ).  What a cost/labor saver that was !!!!
      ( I did dab a little "mud" on the sheet rock screws just in case a seam hit one. A dab of white paint would have worked just as well ).
Enclosed are some pictures of how well your product works, even over a rough/damaged ceiling.
Yours Truly,
Albert Nelson Jr.

Fairly plain and not very good looking ceiling. Some may call it ugly..

Kitchen Ceiling During Installation

"WOW" IS RIGHT!!! :-)

And the best part is that the installation is so very simple that I can guarantee you that even you can do it!! Watch the video and tell me if I am not right about that.

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