What Is Crown Molding?

Crown molding is a kind of ornamental molding typically installed on the top of an interior wall, where it meets the ceiling. However, this type of decorative molding can also be used above doors, windows, columns, and cabinets to add a classy touch to the space.

What Is Crown Molding

What Is Crown Molding Good For? Does Crown Molding Have a Function?

Crown molding was invented to have a function. The original use of trim in a room was to close gaps where the building materials came together. When the walls met the floor or the ceiling, the fit might not be perfect, so pieces of wood would be placed to cover these gaps. As time went on, the crown molding became much more decorative and intricate than just a plain piece of wood.

Today, decorative crown molding serves as a focal point of sorts. It is meant to draw the eye up in the space, making the ceiling feel higher. It can also make an older home seem grand while hiding anything that may be distracting.

Why Buy Crown Molding for Your Space?

Establish a Tone

One of the most common reasons people shop from our wide variety of crown molding designs is because they wish to set a tone in a specific room. For example, someone may wish to add a shimmering tin crown molding featuring a unique design to their dining room to give the space an extra dose of elegance. Someone else may be looking to set a more traditional tone in their bedroom, and this person may opt instead for foam crown molding with an intricately carved design that adds to the classic look of the room. No matter what tone you want to set for your room, you can find the perfect foam or tin crown molding to improve its décor.

Add Visual Appeal

Some of our customers buy our crown molding for their homes, while others want to decorate the walls of their restaurants or other commercial establishments. Either way, they love the attractive details of our crown molding. Foam or tin, our crown molding can increase the visual appeal of any room in a residential or commercial setting.

Upgrade Your Space Easily

Another great reason to choose crown molding for your residential or commercial space is how simple it is to install. Once you choose the products you want, we can help you understand how to install foam crown molding without needing to hire a contractor. You'll soon see that the crown molding installation process is a lot easier than you might suspect!

If, however, you're uncomfortable with installing the crown molding yourself, we can also direct you to a professional in your area who is an expert at installing crown molding. We'll do what it takes to make sure that our customers are happy with the look of their walls! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we'll be glad to assist you.

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