How Do You Choose a Crown Molding Style?

How Do You Choose a Crown Molding Style

Deciding how to choose crown molding for your next home improvement project doesn't have to be a difficult task and doesn't require a deep understanding of design elements to do it correctly. When it comes to choosing crown molding, you should choose a molding that projects out onto the ceiling. This can save you some wall height which is especially important if you don't have high ceilings in your home. While deciding how to choose a crown molding for your room, try to keep the style of every room you're working on in mind because having the same crown molding running throughout a few different rooms adds to the flow of your home.

If you have baseboards on your floor, you don't have to worry about choosing a crown molding design that perfectly matches that design, especially if that isn't the style you are going for. What you could do instead is choose a crown molding design that has similar elements to the baseboard. This will create a cohesive look for the room.