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15% Off on all A La Maison collection - Offer till 24th June 2021

Faux Leather Tiles - 3D Interior Wall Panels for Modern Accent

Faux Leather Interior Wall Panels and other Stunning Decorative Wall Panel Options

In this picture, you'll see how someone took our Faux leather interior wall panels and created a gorgeous and modern accent wall that showcases their TV. Because we offer a huge selection of faux leather interior wall panels for your home, the designer in the picture chose a color that matches the furniture perfectly so that everything balanced nicely and continued to ensure that the room felt even and balanced while also looking amazing.

If you don't have leather furniture and instead have a micro suede or another material on your furnishings, then you could always create an incredible effect with some of our elegantly designed MirroFlex wall panels that come in a variety of designs and color options including Wainscot. These panels can be made to order, and they come in almost any color.

You can choose from mirror silver, mirror gold, mirror green, brushed aluminum and even brushed cooper for the MirroFlex Wainscot packs, so you are sure to find the perfect accompaniment for the space.

Additionally, they look amazing when they match or show off your furniture. Many families and photographers also use these as backdrops for holiday photos and family portraits.

If you are looking for that extra finish for your bedroom why not use our faux tin decorative interior wall panels to accent a shelf, faux leather wall panels as a headboard or even in your living room as wall art by spacing them out across the room.


Advantages of Decorative Wall Panels

With the use of decorative wall panels, you will gain access to several amazing advantages:


Quick and Easy Installation Process

One of the biggest advantages of using decorative wall panels in your home or business is the ease and simplicity of the installation process. Decorative wall panels are extremely easy to install, and you don’t even need to enlist the assistance of a contractor to get the job done!


Wonderful Versatility

Decorative wall panels offer a pleasing aesthetic for the space but also come with other benefits such as the ability to provide an elevated level of thermal insulation indoors and improved sound absorption.

Decorative wall panels can also be used in several different applications around the home or office. Panels can be used as a backdrop or focal point for a space; they can be used in patio enclosures, or even just as a wall decoration.

To create an amazing accent wall or focal point and to fill the space with an incredibly stunning aesthetic effect, you simply need to find a style that you like, measure the area, and purchase the wall panels to create the space of your dreams.



Decorative wall panels are also an affordable option if you are looking to save money but still want to completely transform and update the space. The panels cost less than it would cost to purchase a higher-quality paint or wallpaper for the space and the panels are an easier way to decorate, without all the hassle and mess.


Minimal Maintenance

Finally, decorative wall panels require very minimal maintenance and upkeep once installed. To keep the panels looking clean and new, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth at least once every month. Do not use any harsh detergents or cleaners or you may risk damaging the panels.

The panels are also extremely durable and should last a long time in the home, unlike paint that begins to chip and fade or peeling wallpaper.


The Many Applications of Decorative Wall Panels

Due to the versatility and durability of decorative wall panels, they can effectively be utilized in a number of different applications in both a residential space and office space.

For a business:

  • Lobbies and Reception Areas
  • Vestibules
  • Conference Rooms
  • Elevators

For a home:

  • Create an accent wall in any room of the home
  • Eye-catching focal point or art piece
  • Help reduce noise in the home
  • Add dimension
  • Provide extra insulation


Types of Decorative Wall Panels

With so many types, colors, styles, and designs available, choosing the right decorative wall panel for your home can be a challenge due to the plethora of options.


Faux leather wall panels

are a beautifully elegant option with limitless possibilities and can help create a stunning focal point or accent wall in any home application.


MirroFlex wall panels

are a texturally pleasing wall panel type that can provide the space with the perfect designer touch while also offering much in the way of flexibility, style, and an array of available finishes.


Faux tin

is another decorative wall and ceiling panel option that you can use to create a classic tin finish to complete the space for less. Faux tin offers a rich and luxurious finish and can easily transform the space while adding a bit of texture and color depending on the style you choose.


Installing Your Decorative Wall Panels

The main consideration when installing the decorative wall panels yourself is to make sure that you properly measure the wall space or area and then make sure that when you order the materials, you order the exact amount and perhaps even a couple extra to fill the space.

We feature numerous videos on how to install interior wall panels. The MirroFlex panels are high impact resistant thermoplastic sheets and can be glued into place with an adhesive to ensure a proper bond such as a latex or contact adhesive.

If you choose a tin design from the Old World Collection, you may want to use a MirroFlex Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing. Adhesive rolls are also suitable for most surface types and contact adhesives include brush or roller-on types and are non-flammable and water based. Spray on aerosol adhesives are also applicable.

Before gluing up your decorative wall panels, you need to ensure that the surface is clean and dry and free of dust, grease, or waxy particles. You want a smooth and clean surface for the best bond.

Click here for more specific installation directions and tips for our decorative wall and ceiling panels.

You can also watch our how to install decorative wall panels video or call us for a couple of pointers. We are always happy to help with all of your needs from selection to installation.

We also enjoy seeing photos of your finished space once the decorative wall panels are in place.