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Backdrops for Photography Traditional Style R32

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Plain White

Images are not true representations of the actual color of the product, some are computer generated. Be sure to order samples to make sure the colors will work for you.

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What is included?  There is 20(white) paintable Styrofoam Tiles in this set. Each tile is about 20 inches x 20 inches.


What Can I do with them?  These tiles can be painted and create an 100 inches x 80 inches (6.6 feet x 8.3 feet) Photography Backdrop.  You can glue them to a wall permanently or use velcro on

                                                          the back of them and exchange them as needed.  The tiles can be repainted and you can also mix different styles to create unique backdrops.


Examples of how these tiles can be used

Baby girl in a white dress sitting on a floor with a pink painted backdroup

Little baby girl with blue eyes, pink pearl, pants and a flower in her hair sitting on a pink sofa with a green backdround.

A Portrait of a boy eating a cake, sitting on a brown floor and wearing a blue birthday hat with white dots.

Portrait of a tiny girl sleeping on a tiny bed with a yellow flower in her hair and in a background is a backdrop made from decorative ceiling tiles.




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