Photography Sets for The Christmas Holidays

Carlton Hubbard Photography 2013 Christmas Set with Santa

Just wanted to show you how we used some of the tiles for our Santa set.  It has been a huge success by causing us to have to add a 5th day to the 4 we had scheduled.  Thanks for the great product.

Christmas backdrop that was so popular that they had to book an extra day.




Holidays are coming faster than we can even imagine and Photographers are getting ready for the crazy time of the year! Industry veteran Royce Chenore knows that his clients don't want to have their portraits with same backdrop every year and that is why he comes of with brand new one year after year. 


Royce Photography's 2012 Holiday Set

Astonishing set for 2012 Christmas holiday portraits at Royce Photography.

People appreciate the extra mile Royce goes for his customers and they do let him know.  Read comments on his Facebook page.


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