Contemporary Tin Tiles

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Are Contemporary Tin Ceiling Tiles Right For You?

Once an elegant solution to expensive plaster moldings, metal tile ceilings add dimension and depth to any room. While you may like the unique look of a metal tile ceiling, classic and antique patterns might not be right for your room’s design or your particular style. For those who want the low maintenance and beauty of a metal ceiling in more contemporary tile patterns, Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers a complete line of contemporary ceiling tiles made of tin that can be used to complement any modern decor. Our wonderful combination of long-lasting durability and modern designs can enhance the rooms in any modern home or commercial business.

Our contemporary collection has dozens of decorative patterns to choose from. Each tile has a well-defined profile that will make your ceilings the most-viewed element in your home. Contemporary ceiling tiles are available in 24" x 24 " tin tiles, with some patterns available in a larger 24" x 48" tile by special request. Pattern repetition on our cool ceiling tiles can range from a tight 3", preferable for tiles that can be viewed up close, to a full 24" which is perfect for larger rooms.

Modern ceiling tiles are available in tin-covered steel, aluminum, or solid copper. Tin-covered steel tiles are much the same as those used in homes and businesses many years ago and must be painted on both sides to preserve their beauty. Solid copper tiles are often associated with an antique interior design. When combined with our contemporary tile patterns, they can give a dramatic effect to modern rooms that need a little pizzazz. Aluminum tiles are easy to work with and are available in more than 80 pre-finished colors to eliminate the need for any painting. If you love the rust-free properties of aluminum but want the freedom to apply your own unique color scheme to your cool ceiling tiles, choose a mill finish that permits you to paint the tiles’ surface.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles carries modern ceiling tiles with both nail-up and drop-in installation. Shop our extensive collection of metal ceiling tiles online and take advantage of our project estimator to be sure you get the right amount of tiles for your wall or ceiling before you buy. The design of the tiles differs slightly, so ensure you’re selecting the correct style when placing your order.


Contemporary looking room with modern light and stainless steel ceiling tiles with clean lines