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Butterflies Photography Backdrop

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Plain White

Images are not true representations of the actual color of the product, some are computer generated. Be sure to order samples to make sure the colors will work for you.

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Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles are great for photography backdrops, that is why we have put together 8,12,16 tile packs for your convenience .


Your Choice is:  

  •  Small - 8 Individual Tiles (6 feet 8 inches x 3 ft 4 inches)
  •  Medium - 12 Individual Tiles ( 6 feet 8 inches x 5 feet )
  •  Large - 16 Individual Tiles   ( 6 feet 8 inches x 6 feet 8 inches)

Suggestions: attach to wall or for a mobile backdrop attach individual tiles to wood or velcro to a cloth.


Fans Suggestions:



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earth tones , deep yellows and browns ... with some maroon ... earthy look...



definitely for little girls...I love this!



I could see using this for a young girl's photo backdrop. I'd paint it in graduating hues of rich pinks to light then deep purples. Then I'd probably choose a few to add some silver leaf for accents