Year of the Dragon (Ceiling Tiles)

Written by Milan Jara on 5th Jan 2012

For over fifteen years, one figure skater dominated her sport, winning an unprecedented 36 perfect 6.0 scores, nine United States championships, five world championships, and two Olympic medals. Known for her graceful and athletic change-edge spiral move, Michelle Kwan was and is gracious, charming, and fierce both on and off the ice. On January 27th, Michelle will finally be given her due when she is recognized as the one and only inductee of the 2012 class of the United States Figure Skating Association Hall of Fame.

A Winner on and off the Ice

When Michelle was growing up, her parents owned a Chinese restaurant in Torrance, California, called the Golden Dragon. Michelle’s Chinese grandmother gave her little granddaughter a golden dragon charm on a crimson cord as a symbol of good luck and fierceness. Michelle wore this charm throughout her illustrious figure skating career. It must have worked, because Michelle landed on the podium in virtually every competition she entered.

Asian Dragons Ceiling Tile

No longer a pony-tailed 13-year-old sprite in a pink skating dress, Michelle is now the proud owner of a master’s degree in international relations from the prestigious Tufts University. Always humble and gracious, this remarkable young woman became the first-ever United States public diplomacy envoy in 2006. For five years, through two presidents’ administrations, she has been traveling the world inspiring young people by word and example the importance of perseverance and following their dreams.

Join the Celebration

Now you can join the celebration honoring Michelle’s achievements with these Asian Dragons tin ceiling tiles. There are so many places these tiles can be used that we can’t even list all of them here!

They would greatly enhance the ambiance of any Chinese or other Asian-style restaurant similar to the one owned by Michelle’s parents. They would look great on the ceiling of any room decorated in Chinese Modern or any other Asian style. They would be perfect for the ceiling of a museum featuring Asian paintings and sculpture. They would thoroughly inspire students in a martial arts studio.

Michelle Kwan Signs Autograph

They would even look wonderful as a backdrop for photos of these young athletes.

Celebrations, Asian Style

New Year will be celebrated in China, Vietnam, and many other Asian countries on January 23rd. This year, 2012, is the year of the Dragon. Dragons are free spirits who don’t like to be tied down by rules and regulations. Confident and fearless, they almost always succeed at whatever free-spirited endeavor they try.

Fierce dragons play a huge part in Asian New Year’s celebrations by scaring away the bad spirits with their loud roaring so that the new year will be lucky and prosperous. These Asian Dragon tiles would be a wonderful addition to any Asian New Year’s parade float or exhibit.

Be fearless like the dragon and join in the celebration to honor both the legendary dragon and the girl who once declared “I want to be a legend” by installing Asian Dragons ceiling tiles.

Michelle, we salute you. You have succeeded, as always, beyond your wildest dreams.

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