Tiny Bubbles

Written by Milan Jara on 11th Oct 2011

They floated out of Lawrence Welk’s champagne glass and made Julia Roberts feel like a pretty woman. They tickled Frank Sinatra’s nose and made Don Ho feel happy and fine. What are they? Bubbles, of course!

These cute bubble ceiling tiles will perk you up and make you feel tickled pink and happy, too!

Bubble ceiling tiles are perfect for bathrooms, rec rooms, dining rooms, wine bars, and even children’s rooms. In less than a day you can install them and create an atmosphere of fun and frolic.

Bubble Ceiling Tiles

Bathrooms are especially suited to the bubble look. Leave the tiles white and enjoy gazing up at them as you tip your head back while you wash your cares away in a sea of fragrant, frothy white bubbles. Don’t forget to dim the lights and fire up a beautiful scented candle to help you relax.

Or paint them a soft, pastel blue to give you a feeling of floating in the beautiful Caribbean sea.

Ceiling tiles of turquoise, hot pink, or light sea-foam green will give your room a South Beach look. Tubbs and Crockett and the other Miami Vice detectives would feel right at home in such an art-deco-style salon.


In a rec room or dining room, Mediterranean blue bubble tiles on your ceiling, whitewashed walls, and a painting of frolicking dolphins will make you feel as if you’re in an underwater grotto. Or change that painting to a photo you took on the island of Santorini and you’ll be ready to dine on calamari and dance with Zorba!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If you know the answer to that question, you must know children who love SpongeBob Square pants, Patrick, and all of their underwater friends. Install yellow-painted bubble tiles on their bedroom ceiling and put up a poster of the Porous and Absorbent One. Your children will be magically transported to Bikini Bottom!

Greek Island

Champagne and Caviar

Don’t know what to do with that extra room now that your youngest has moved into the dorm? Turn it into a wine-tasting salon! Paint these bubble ceiling tiles champagne or ivory and install a temperature-controlled wine cooler for whites and an open rack for reds, the invite your friends over for an evening of fine wine, good food, and stimulating conversation. If you’re feeling flush, plate up some toast points and spoon up the sturgeon roe. If you’re on a budget, set out some bite-sized fresh fruit, butter crackers, and brie. (If you are budget-conscious, don’t worry—these inexpensive tiles won’t break the bank!)

No matter which room you decide to use them in, you will be sure to have fun in it when you install these cute and sparkly bubble decorative ceiling tiles.

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