Springtime Crafts for the Family

Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Mar 2015

March is National Craft Month and my wife and I cannot think of a better theme for an entire month. Since March is the gateway to spring, we decided to give you some craft ideas involving a spring theme that you can do with the whole family. Do not let the month of March go by without getting your kids, no matter what age they are, interested in doing some type of craft and using their creativity to make something wonderful!


Photo by Angry Julie Monday (Flickr)

Colorful Springtime Flowers

A rainbow of colors that can be crafted into a springtime flower is a win-win where I come from. All you need to make these colorful flowers are bingo markers of different colors, green construction paper, coffer filters, scissors, and tape.

Cut the coffee filters into the shape of a flower, or any shape that you want, and then fold them in half. Start decorating the flowers by using the bingo markers to create colorful patterns. Unfold the coffee filters and there is your colorful flower! Let the filter dry and then cut out the shape of a flower stem from the green construction paper. Tape the flower to its stem and hang it on the wall.

Window Easter Eggs

This craft involves serious use of scissors, so it should only be enjoyed by adults and older children. All you need is a piece of construction paper (preferably an Easter color!) and a pair of scissors. Fold the paper in half and cut a large egg shape out of it. Then start cutting designs into the paper without allowing the egg to fall apart. When you unfold your egg, you will have a window decoration that is fun to make and looks great.

Egg Rocks

As March gets underway, some of us are hoping for warmer weather. As the March weather starts to melt the snow and expose nature as it sleeps, you can grab a few good-sized rocks and turn them into Easter eggs. All you need are some paint brushes and craft paint in pastel Easter colors. You can use the rocks to dress up your windowsill, or you can put them on the porch when the March weather finally breaks.

Easter Chain

If you can get the entire family in on this project, then it could wind up being a huge achievement that you can put on display in your living room. Get some pastel-colored construction paper, scissors, and tape and start cutting the construction paper into strips about an inch wide. Then start creating a paper chain of interlocking loops that you make with the paper strips. Just remember to interlock the paper loops before you tape them shut.

This is the kind of springtime craft that you can get really creative with by using markers, crayons, glue, glitter, and anything else that strikes your fancy. As creative people, my wife and I love to see how far we can take crafts like this and get the very most out of each link in the chain.

Whether it is creating magnificent ceilings or helping to make colorful coffee filter flowers, we love all kinds of creative outlets. Since the month of March is National Craft Month, do not let it go by without making some time to get the whole family together and create something wonderful.