Resolve to Ring in a Brand New Year with Times Square Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 28th Dec 2011

When 2012 arrives, millions of people will be gathered in the heart of Manhattan, counting backwards from 10 and watching the stunning, shimmering Lalique crystal and mirror ball drop, signaling the start of a brand new year and offering a fresh start to all who desire (or need) it. If you can’t join the celebration in person, you can still resolve to enter the new year with a fresh, clean start by brightening up a room with shiny new ceiling tiles, and these Times Square tiles are the perfect tiles to use!

A Fresh Start

Times Square Ceiling Tile

These sparkling Times Square decorative ceiling tiles, with their sharp, crisp concentric squares surrounding a polished mirror-like center, sport a classic, clean look that fits beautifully in any room, including both commercial and private buildings.

Restaurants, night clubs, ballrooms, hotel lobbies, and theaters are just a few of the rooms whose appearances would be enhanced by these artistic tiles.

Where the Action Is

New York City, Time Square

Located where Broadway, 7th Avenue, and 42nd Street intersect, Times Square has often been heralded in both song and story as the entertainment center of New York City, as well as, some would say, the world. This area is not only the heart of the Manhattan Theater District, it is also just a short walk from Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With its bustling daytime shops and active nightlife, Times Square caters to both the sophisticated New Yorker and the wide-eyed visitor from small-town America.

Your business or home can appear just as thriving and vital as this fashionable area when you keep it looking contemporary and up-to-date by installing these shiny, modern decorative tin ceiling tiles.

Alive and Thriving

Decorative ceiling tiles are an easy way to let your customers, friends, and families know that you care about them and yourself enough to maintain the contemporary appearance of your business or home.

You can even order this tile in aluminum in Indian Spice, a bright, trendy color that is a match to the colors shown for spring and summer 2012 at the latest New York Fashion Week, making your rooms look vibrant and vital.

So count backwards from 10, grab a glass of bubbly, plant a kiss on your sweetheart, and get ready to enjoy a fresh start for the New Year by installing sparkling new Times Square decorative tin ceiling tiles. Our wish for all of you is a happy, healthy, prosperous 2012.

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