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Written by Milan Jara on 12th Jul 2022

Crown Molding

How can quality crown molding improve the look of your home? It may seem like a small detail, but it makes a huge difference. Find out how.

While it may seem like a small detail, quality decorative crown molding can make a huge difference in the look at aesthetics of your home. This specific detail can add that little something to a room that will make edges, ceilings, and windows look smoother and much cleaner and really change the entire look.

At Decorative Ceiling Tiles, you can choose from a wide selection of crown molding that can take the look of any space to a whole new level. It is easy to install and will last a very long time.

What Is Crown Molding?

Crown molding is the border you see typically lining the edges of mirrors, walls, and windows. This product comes in many sizes, colors, designs, and materials to match all types of home décor and the surrounding environment.

Why Use Our Crown Molding?

There are many reasons we believe our crown molding holds up to and even exceeds the competition. Between the excellent craftsmanship of the manufacturers who created these products to the ease of use and affordable prices, you simply can’t go wrong.

Emphasize the Look of Your Space

Our selection of crown molding has become popular with all types of customers because they appreciate how each option sets a tone in every room. Here is a list of the crown molding options available at Decorative Ceiling Tiles:

  • Styrofoam Crown Molding
  • Urethane Crown Molding
  • DIY Crown Molding
  • Hand-Painted Fine Art Deco Crown Molding
  • Metal Crown Molding

Easy to Install

Once you make your decision, the crown molding installation process couldn’t be easier. At Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we want our customers to have the best possible experience with our products, including all of you DIYers.

Whether you choose urethane or foam crown molding, every one of our crown molding products comes with expert instructions and easy-to-follow videos, giving you all the information required to put your wall molding up with confidence.

Not good with tools? No problem. If you are not 100% comfortable with going it alone or you have an issue, like an uneven ceiling, we are more than happy to help connect you with a professional in your area who can install the molding of your choice to give you a look you love.

Perfect for Personal or Commercial Spaces

The selection of crown molding available on our site isn’t specific to any room, building, or space. We have customers who come to us to improve the look of their homes, while others come to improve the look of their offices, waiting rooms, and other indoor areas that require a quick update or complete makeover.

Comes in a Wide Variety of Sizes and Colors

No two rooms are the same, and the same goes for personal style and preference, so we offer customers an array of options so you can find the crown molding style that works for you.

Whether you are looking for something small enough to fit around a tiny window (1 inch wide) or large crown molding for really high ceilings (9 inches wide), we have an option for you.

Crown Molding

How Do You Install Crown Molding?

At Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we try to make things as simple as possible without sacrificing quality.

Our crown molding can be easily installed with glue or nails, depending on which one you choose. We also offer information and provide recommendations for all of our products, giving you ideas on what will work the best and keep your molding in place the longest.

Check Out the Diagrams Provided

Before adding any of our amazing products to your shopping cart, look at the diagrams provided for each option.

This information is extremely important because it provides the exact dimensions for all the products available, allowing the shopper to make the best decision for their specific project.

Utilize the Available Tools

In many of our listings, you will find useful estimators that can help you decide the perfect amount of product to purchase, so you don’t run out before the task is complete or aren’t stuck with extra materials you may never need.

What Can You Do With Crown Molding From Decorative Ceiling Tiles?

Because crown molding is versatile and comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs, you can use it to enhance the appearance of any room. Here are a few ideas to consider when shopping with us.

Make Your Room Look Larger

If your room or space is on the smaller side, you can utilize crown molding to help it appear wider and taller. When picking your product, choose a color similar to the wall color or even a bit darker to give the room the appearance of having extra space. You can add trim around your kitchen cabinets, wall accents in your living room, or a piece of large crown molding as a chair rail to draw the eye around the room.

Make Your Room Look More Elegant

If you want to improve the look of a room and give it a more modern appearance or simply upgrade it without spending a fortune or an entire weekend on many different projects, adding some quality crown molding can make a huge difference.

Consider adding vaulted crown molding painted gold or a coffered ceiling to give your dining room a beautiful Victorian feel. Or, install Fine Art Deco molding to your waiting area, making your space look much more professional and creating a positive and calming environment for your clients.

Make Your Room Look Clean and Fresh

Nothing says clean and spacious than new molding and perhaps a fresh coat of paint. Adding high-quality crown molding will bring an amazing feeling and great vibes every time you step into the room. Try a chair rail with wallpaper above or below to add a focal point or add decorative trim around a door frame for a more elegant look.

Crown Molding

Is Crown Molding Expensive?

The best part about purchasing crown molding from Decorative Ceiling Tiles is that we want to provide great options at affordable prices, giving you a look you love without draining your bank account. The crown molding cost for these products is far less than you would pay for traditional wood crown molding.

There are many options available at different price points, providing a variety of choices for all types of budgets and still providing customers with the best materials for their homes and businesses.

Summing Things Up

There are many benefits to using decorative crown molding for almost any room in your home or business. Here at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we are dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied with the products they choose, providing all of the expert help and guidance needed to get a professional look at a DIY price.

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