Looking For A New Home? Learn Your Ceilings!

Written by Milan Jara on 10th Feb 2015

Isn’t that ceiling beautiful? I love hardwood ceilings because of their natural beauty and charm. But how would you clean a ceiling like that? Would you spray some furniture polish on a rag and get on a ladder? If you are searching for a new home, the tendency is to get overwhelmed with the cool-looking ceilings you will find. As ceiling professionals, we are here to tell you that it is important to know your ceiling facts before getting involved in a home purchase.

Hardwood Ceilings

Photo by Crowbot (Flickr)

Cathedral Ceilings

As a ceiling is installed, cathedral ceilings offer a lot of opportunity to create ornate looks and really enhance the appearance of a room. With a cathedral ceiling, the biggest advantages are the use of natural light and the way the ceiling opens up the space. If you use a reflective material or paint on your cathedral ceiling, then you will never need to spend money using artificial lighting on sunny days.

Maintenance and cleaning with a cathedral ceiling can be extremely difficult. If you have recessed fixtures in your ceiling, then changing bulbs can be a real chore. The simple task of cleaning a cathedral ceiling is not only a challenge, but it can also be dangerous if you do not use common sense and the proper amount of caution. Another issue with a cathedral ceiling is that doing the cosmetic work to remove the effects of a roof leak can be pretty expensive and take a while.

Flat Ceilings

We are a little partial to flat ceilings because they offer so many opportunities to create something great. For one thing, flat ceilings help a room to retain its heat, which keeps your energy bills down. It is also easier for professionals like us to come into your home and give your flat ceiling a makeover than it would be to do something different with your cathedral ceiling.

One of the knocks against flat ceilings is that they can be boring. This is true if you decide to just paint your flat ceiling a solid color and leave it at that. But if you let us handle the decor of your flat ceiling, then we can promise you great results.

Dome Ceilings

If you are looking at a home with a dome ceiling, then you are looking at something that was installed specifically for that room. A cathedral ceiling and a flat ceiling can be installed in existing homes without much remodeling work to the structure of the home. But a dome ceiling requires a little remodeling, so getting rid of the dome ceiling if you don’t like it is pretty much out of the question unless you want to spend a small fortune.

Dome ceilings share the same maintenance challenges that cathedral ceilings have, and domes can also be difficult when it comes to roof leaks because the shape of the ceiling tends to hide leaks. The water will run to the base of the ceiling, where it could dissipate or it could collect. But domes can also enhance the effect of a large lighting fixture, and you can also paint some pretty cool designs inside a dome. If you want the maximum artistic effect, then go with a dome. If you want something functional, then a dome is probably not a great idea.

Paneled Ceilings

Paneled ceilings are nice because they look great, they help a room to retain heat, and they are very durable. One of the drawbacks to a paneled ceiling is that it can be so durable that it may disguise a roof leak for months. On the other hand, the charm of a paneled ceiling is really hard to beat.

The ceiling in the picture above is a paneled ceiling, and you can choose to load up a rag with cleaner and clean the ceiling by hand if you want. But there are also lines of paneled ceiling cleaning products out there that can make the job much easier and allow you to do a more complete job. In reality, paneled ceilings are very easy to maintain and can completely change the look of a room.

We love all kinds of ceilings, but we have to be honest with our customers when it comes to recommending certain types of ceilings in new homes. There are functional ceilings that look great, and there are fantastic ceilings that create a ton of headaches. Take your time in making your decision, and don’t forget to send us an email if you have any questions. We are always here to help.

Milan Jara