Let Decorative Ceiling Tiles Retro Decors Blast You to the Past!

Written by Milan Jara on 17th Aug 2012

Some people call it camp, others call it kitschy, but most call it cool. What is it? Retro decors! Whether you own an Art Deco theater, a ’50s diner or a British-themed “Mod Squad” pub, there’s sure to be a decorative ceiling tile that will fit right in with your homage to your favorite era.

Retro Decors: Still a Classic

Many designers and architects honor Art Deco as the last design style that was sensitive to human sensibilities and sensitivities before the big wave of all-business, cold, impersonal glass-and-steel towers hit. The movement to save Art Deco buildings with their delicate, sweeping curves and perfectly parallel angles still resonates with residents of reborn neighborhoods such as Miami’s South Beach and Southern California’s Hollywood.

If you are lucky enough to own or lease space in one of these classic structures, you know that they need decorative ceiling tiles that honor that sensitivity, so give them retro decors! Tiles such as our 112 Deco Seashore,209 Deco Corners,201 Sunset Boulevard,1205 Classic Checkered Deco,1220 Classic Deco Diamonds, band 2403 Classic Art Deco Triangles would give the nod to that wonderful retro decors!

Retro Antique Silver Tile

We even have 2417 Art Deco Filler and Backsplash. All of these items are available in a variety of colors and finishes, one of which is sure to fit in with your décor.

If You Knew Peggy Sue

Maybe the Rockin’ Fifties are more your style. From sock hops to homecoming formals, our 1950s-themed tiles are sure to rock your socks off!

Nu Topia Tin Ceiling Tile

Our 0616 Classic Nu Topia will have you rockin’ ’round the clock with their example of how the ’50s designers envisioned the future. Another of our favorite tiles is the 115 Jitterbug faux tin ceiling tile, with its jazzy chevrons. And our 1275 The Lounge can fill up more rooms than a Vegas entertainer!

Oh, Behave!

Ah, the Swinging Sixties. If you fondly remember the British Invasion, mini-skirts, and Peter Max, we have a great selection for you, too! Does reminiscing about the Beatles brings more than just a wave of adolescent nostalgia? Celebrate retro decors and the decade with one of our “Far Out” designs. From Picadilly to Soho, we have decorative ceiling tiles so inspiring you’ll want to break out your go-go boots! You’ll also love our 110 Princess Phone and our R 52 Op Art.

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