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Written by Milan Jara on 14th Apr 2021

Micro Perforated Acoustical Aluminum Ceiling Tile w/Soundtex – MPA-1

Working from home has been a growing trend, especially over the last decade. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us during 2020, it seems like working from home has become the new norm unless you’re an essential worker.

Although working from home may sound rosy, there can be many challenges to face – and one includes being bombarded by unwanted noises. Noises like children playing, motorists speeding in your street, or frequent sounds made by your neighbors (especially if you live in an apartment), then all this is enough to keep you from getting a sufficient amount of work done.

If you’re looking for ways to gain a little peace while you work, then you're in the right place.

What is a recommended ceiling tile that is great for soundproofing?

This particular ceiling tile is an excellent option if you’re looking to limit the disruptive noise around you. It is made of 0.022-inch thick aluminum and is brilliantly powder coated to last for many decades. SoundTex material absorbs sound and gives it its high density and uniform structure.

The benefits to this ceiling tile include:

  • 100% eco-friendly paint process
  • Custom colors available with low minimum
  • Durability
  • Moisture resistance
  • recyclable
  • Lightweight

In a nutshell, the micro-perforated acoustical aluminum ceiling tile is made of 100% aluminum and gives you a soundproof option for your ceiling. What makes these tiles a valuable asset for soundproofing is that they are unique, state-of-the-art sound absorbers that reduce echo and sound reflections. They come with an elegantly smooth appearance and an excellent NRC rating of 0.70 – 0.80.

Why should you consider investing in these ceiling tiles?

As mentioned, they absorb sounds that may distract you. That’s their primary function, and they do it extremely well. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective way to control noise in your home by absorbing sound waves that would otherwise reflect off your ceiling and echo around the room.

Micro Perforated Acoustical Aluminum Ceiling Tile w/Soundtex – MPA-1

Although absorbing sounds is its primary function, there are other benefits in investing in acoustic ceiling tiles. These benefits include:

  • Easy Installation: If you’re looking for a straightforward installation that is primarily for soundproofing, then this is certainly the way to go. If you compare this method with projects like sound limiting insulation and soundproof drywall, then it is much simpler to apply as it does not require a major renovation task.
  • Affordable: Unlike other soundproofing options out there, installing acoustic ceiling tiles is cost-effective, even if your budget is low. As there is no minimum purchase amount, you can order the exact amount you need and not overbuy.

    As well as being affordable, you also enhance the value of your home by installing these tiles. As noise pollution is a serious issue, more and more people are becoming aware of how significant a soundproof ceiling can be.

  • Versatile: Because soundproof foam panels are a classic solution for noise reduction, they are sometimes the first thing somebody thinks of when they hear of a soundproof ceiling. However, this option doesn’t look particularly great, which is why many decorators opt for acoustical ceiling tiles.

    Our range of acoustic ceiling tiles is available in different designs capable of transforming your ceiling to new heights. You can have the luxury of choosing many different intricate patterns and gorgeous colors. Our collection contains either modern designs with geometric patterns and simple lines or a more traditional look to replicate classic designs.

As suggested, soundproofing your workspace at home can help you achieve more work. In the current world of COVID-19, this may be significantly important for you, so consider finding the right solution. A bonus of working from home is that you will be saving time and money from the commute you’re no longer doing. Use this spare time and money on the investment and installation process of applying acoustic ceiling tiles.

Possible cons for having acoustical ceiling tiles

As we have established the many advantages of implementing acoustic ceiling tiles in your home, it’s just as important to analyze the issues that may occur from installing them. These include:

  • Not ideal for smokers: If you are a smoker and smoke inside your home, you need to know that these acoustic ceiling tiles do not withstand smoke. Smoking discolors them, and you will likely have to replace them. Although the removal and installation processes are simple, the cost of having them frequently changed will become costly over time.
  • Water damage: Ceilings are vulnerable to water damage as the water pipes run throughout the ceiling, which can be a serious problem if you invest in acoustic ceiling tiles. If you have, then it’s likely that you’ll have to replace the ceiling entirely.
  • Capturing sounds: Although these tiles are excellent for enhancing sounds and canceling outside sounds, there is a limit to what you should install, which means that you should be aware of the purpose of using 2x2 acoustic ceiling tiles before installation takes place. If you enhance sounds too much, you face the prospect of causing conflicts with roommates, neighbors, or even yourself (headaches, etc.).

How to install acoustic ceiling tiles?

When it comes to acoustic ceiling tiles, you can use either a drop-in tile that can slot into a suspended ceiling grid or perhaps a nail-up option. When you consider our range of acoustic ceiling tiles, a drop-in ceiling tile is the better option for ease of installation.

Cutting drop ceiling tiles can make or break your project as far as it looking as professional as can be. You may be able to carefully and meticulously install the ceiling grid, but you can also ruin the look with an unprofessional ceiling tile. Prepare yourself before beginning the installation process. Check out our instructions on how to install drop ceiling tiles. If applying a drop ceiling isn’t for you, consider other options as alternatives to drop-in ceilings.

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