Have a Fiesta Every Night with Decorative Ceiling Tiles for Your Mexican Restaurant

Written by Milan Jara on 8th Nov 2011

¡Hola, mis amigos!

Is your Mexican restaurant so dull that it makes your customers want to take a siesta? Decorate your restaurant with these fantastic decorative ceiling tiles and every day will be a fiesta! With so many great tiles from which to choose, you’re sure to find a style that will help you create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Traditional South-of-the-Border

For a traditional south-of-the border look in a restaurant that serves up crispy chips and spicy salsa, delicious enchiladas, and creamy flan, try these lightweight styrofoam tiles that feature a brilliant sunburst and festive dots. What better way to remind your customers of the warmth of the Mexican climate? You can leave them white or quickly and easily paint them a sunny yellow.

Sunburst and Festive Dots

Serve up an ice-cold cerveza, add in a few faux—or real—cactus plants, a few frilly, festive pinatas, and a string or two (or ten) of bright crimson chili pepper lights, and you’ll have your patrons shouting, “Ole!”

Upscale Tex-Mex

For a more upscale look in a bistro that features freshly hand-made tortillas and mixed-at-your-table-side guacamole, try either these faux leather tiles or our silver or bronze look cobblestone tiles.

Install rich, dark, buttery leather chairs to match and some wrought iron hanging Black faux leather tile 15x15chandeliers for a sumptuous ambiance. Sturdy amber glassware will complete this look and remind your guests of the romantic days of when senoritas in lace mantillas coyly fluttered their fans as they flirted and danced under the stars in the courtyards of their beautifully decorated haciendas.

Authentic Indigenous

Classic Mayan Temples

If your menu features pure, authentic indigenous foods with a rich history, choose these “Classic Mayan Temple” tiles with this stylized pyramid design.

Dim the lights and add a few carvings or copies of pre-Colombian artifacts to enhance that feeling of a night in the Yucatán.

Does your cantina specialize in seafood, such as camarones fresh from the ocean? In that case, you have several great choices of decorative tiles for the ceiling of your Mexican restaurant.

Delightful Dolphins Ceiling Tile

These playful dolphins will set just the right mood, especially if you purchase them in the Aquamarine or Caribbean Sea custom colors. The Sea of Blue or Coral Reef hues would be equally stunning. They’ll bring your customers the sensation of splashing in the calm, clear water of the warm blue Pacific.

Island Oasis Ceiling Tile

Or try these whimsical Island Oasis palm tree tiles. You’ll have your customers feeling as if they are on a tropical vacation.

Rainforest Canopy Ceiling Tile

These Rainforest Canopy tiles feature stylized banana leaves reminiscent of a adventure deep in the country’s interior.

I’ll have a margarita, por favor!

So spruce up your Mexican restaurant with these decorative tiles, and your customers will not only say, “¡Muy delicioso!”—they’ll also say, “¡Que hermosa!”

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