Football Season Means Entertaining with Wet Bars and Wine Cellars

Written by Milan Jara on 14th Nov 2013

Are you ready for some football? These customers are!

Football Season Means Entertaining

For most NFL fans, football season is indoor entertainment season. The weather outside is frightful, so now is the perfect time to spruce up your dining room, living room, den, or mancave with a wet bar or wine-storage or -tasting area.

Tin Tiles Add Bling

One of the easiest ways to give some beautiful bling to your entertainment area is with our real metal tiles, backsplashes, and cornices. Add some recessed or tract lighting and some sleek chrome or beautifully polished wood, and your room will glow with a sparkle that will leave your guests highly impressed.

Contemporary Chrome

Our silver 1204 Queen Victoria decorative tin ceiling tiles add just the right touch of luster to this gorgeous modern chrome wet bar with sophisticated black and chrome stools.

Queen Victoria Tin Tile

The sleek contemporary look of this bar is enhanced by the mirrored wall accents, making it a beautiful place for entertaining guests any day of the week.

Contemporary Bar with Queen Victoria Tiles

Wet Bars and Wine Cellars

Strategically placed overhead lighting reflects off of a ceiling created with our 1202 Detailed Fleur de Lis tin decorative ceiling tiles in a shimmering silver finish. The ceiling design is cleverly carried down the wall behind the clear glass shelves.

Detailed Fleur de Lis Tin Tiles

Finally, this beautiful bar was finished with blonde wooden panels in a striking mitered pattern that would make any host beam with pride.

Detailed Fleur de Lis Tile in Walls

Cute Country Cabin

Overnight visitors to this country cabin will love to belly up to this beautiful kitchen bar for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Gwen’s Cabin backsplash

The copper colored 0512 Gwen’s Cabin tin backsplash makes a great match for the light oak finish of the sturdy wooden stools. The wood is also carried through to the surface of the bar and counters, completing the rustic country feel of the decors.

Gwen’s Cabin In Kitchen

Formal but Fun

Finally, this wine cellar wet bar area features a grid system with our beautiful and whimsical 2485 Wine Country drop-in tin decorative ceiling tiles, seamlessly blending the formal with the fun.

Wine Country Tile

With its lovely etched glass doors and large wooden pillars lushly carved with chubby cherubs and ripe bunches of juicy grapes, this is truly an area that will impress any guest.

Wine Cellar With Wine Country Tiles

Wet bars and wine cellars are perfect locations for entertainment! If you are looking for a way to impress your guests that is beautiful as well as fast and easy to install and maintain, our real-metal decorative ceiling tiles are the perfect answer.

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