Foam Crown Molding vs. Traditional Crown Molding: Why It’s Better for Your Home (and Your Sanity)

Written by Milan Jara on 17th May 2019

DIY Foam Crown Molding – 4.5″ Wide 95.5″ Long – #CC 452 - Plain White

Remodeling your home can be one of the most rewarding things you tackle. Taking someone else’s house and turning it into your own home is what homeownership is all about. One of the ways you can bring class and comfort into your home is by adding crown molding.

Traditionally, crown molding has been used at the top of rooms between the ceiling and walls to create a more polished look. However, since home remodeling has taken such a DIY spin and homeowners are getting creative with their projects, crown molding has many different uses.

With a wide variety of ways to utilize crown molding the most popular include:

1. Decorative frames on walls

2. Illumination devices around the tops of rooms

3. Chair railing around dining rooms/living rooms

4. Frame a built-in piece of furniture (bookcase, China cabinet, etc.)

5. Polished kitchen cabinets

While the list goes on and on of unique ways to use these mold bases, you might be wondering how someone can afford using so much crown molding in their home. Great question. The luxuries of foam crown molding have lowered the cost for the material, kept installation costs down, and made installation a breeze for homeowners. The lightweight material has some serious benefits when it comes to renovating or sprucing up your home with it.

Let’s explore those benefits and why you should use a Styrofoam molding, along with cornice molding in your home for your next big project.



Diy Crown Molding Sample Pack - Sample Pack

Benefit #1 – Inexpensive

Buying materials to renovate your home is no small feat. The cost of the materials you need to complete one project can be overwhelming. However, if you are looking to use crown molding in your home, explore foam crown molding first. The cost of this lightweight material is almost half of what traditional crown molding costs. This is because the material is not solid wood, which allows manufacturers to use less money to get the same look. Check out some options here →



Benefit #2 – Easy to Install

Part of the biggest expense homeowners face when doing home remodeling projects is the cost of installation. Because so many people who take on home projects aren’t comfortable with the installation process, they hire out for the job. However, the good news is that foam crown molding does not require a professional to install anything! You can easily install the foam crown molding in your home (no matter the project) with only a caulking gun and adhesives. Ask your local hardware store specialist for recommendations on the best adhesive for the job. They will advise you on the right adhesive to ensure the foam crown molding sticks to the desired location.



Benefit #3 – Pre-Cut Corners

Cutting materials to fit corners can be exhausting and frustrating. Luckily, foam crown molding can be bought with pre-cut corners. This will not only save you time but much frustration. Getting the corners cut just right will ensure that your home looks polished and put together from top to bottom.



Benefit #4 – Durability

Thanks to the lightweight material and lack of possibility of rot or water damage, foam crown molding is extremely durable. It’s also resistant to insect damage. Bugs love wood, especially termites, but foam is a no-no for them. Therefore, if you can opt for foam, bugs are less likely to infiltrate your beautiful crown molding in the future. If you are going to spend money renovating your home, you want the materials you use to last you for the long haul. Foam crown molding will last for a long time and provide you with seamless and classic looks for years to come.



Benefit #5 - Repaint without Primer

The painting process can take forever, especially if you have to use a primer. Luckily, foam crown molding can be repainted at any time without using a primer. This will save you time and money. Need a touch up on a foam crown molding project? Apply some paint and move on. It’s that simple.



Benefit #6 –Fewer Cracks, Fewer Repairs

Foam is durable, which means it will not crack like wood. Traditional crown molding will crack over time, especially if it is exposed to moisture or pressure (like the swelling and shrinking of walls over time). However, foam crown molding will not do that. The material is not known to crack on its own unless it is forcibly made to do so.

While foam crown molding is definitely the way to go, there are a few minor setbacks you may want to consider.



DIY Foam Crown Molding – 5.5″ – #CC 551 - Antique Brass

Setback #1 – Painted to Match Your Home

This minor setback is true of most materials you add to your home, but it’s a setback nonetheless. You will not be able to get most foam crown molding in the color of your interior or your desire. All this means is you’ll have to apply one coat of paint to get the desired look.



Setback #2 – Easy to Melt

This one might be a little bit more of a concern for some homeowners, as house fires are devastating for any family. styrofoam is easily melted when exposed to high heat and flames. Therefore, using it in your kitchen where flames may rise from cooking may not be a good idea. You could spray a fire retardant on the foam after it is painted to reduce the chances of it catching on fire.

Setback #3 – Easy to Dent

Foam crown molding is durable and can withstand the test of time better than wood. However, if you use foam crown molding in a high-trafficked area or place where people are more prone to bump into it (such as a chair rail or wall frames), it could dent more easily. If you want to use it for those specific reasons, you’ll want to ensure that you use wood to keep it from denting easily.

Overall, the benefits of using foam crown molding more than outweigh the setbacks. You can use foam crown molding for many of your design needs. Not only will you get the desired look for less money, but you will also be able to spend less time installing it and more time enjoying it! 

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