Enter the Jazz Age with Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Oct 2011

It was one of the most exciting eras in history, the dawn of a new way of life in a country that was eager to celebrate its victory in The Great War and wanted to grab life by the tail and never let go. Flappers in fringed red dresses rouged their knees and danced the Charleston while prohibition mobsters drank bathtub gin from the flappers’ high-heeled shoes. Ernest Hemingway and his expatriate buddies immortalized the era, while F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald personified it.

Jazz Age Tin Ceiling Tile

But you don’t have to be Jay Gatsby to recreate the jazzy look of the 1920s in your own home or business. Homeowners can just install some of these stunning brushed tin Jazz Age decorative ceiling tiles in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or dining room and transport your guests back to the time of speakeasies and 23 kiddoo. Business owners would find these tiles perfect for their customers to enjoy in a restaurant or nightclub.

Shining and Sharp Geometric Design Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Jazz Age Backsplash

These beautiful reflective tin decorative ceiling tiles feature a geometric design created with sharp raised embossed lines flanked by crisply scooped out lines that create a multitude of equilateral triangles. These triangles are arranged so that they trick the eye into forming vivid shapes including diamonds, squares, and rectangles.

The tile comes in a bright milled aluminum finish. It is available in two types, a 24 3/8″ nail-up tile as well as a 23 7/8″ drop-in tile. For a finishing touch to your glamorous kitchen or bathroom, add the matching metal backsplash tiles.

All That Jazz

So feel like Roxy Hart, Velma Kelly, or even “Big Mama” Morton when you dress up your boudoir or bathroom with these sexy tiles. Imagine Bob Fosse choreographing a number just for you. Come on, now, you know you sing in the shower—why not dance in there, too, surrounded by these jazzy tiles? You will feel as if Daddy War bucks has just plucked you off the streets and ensconced you in his millionaire’s mansion. There’s no depression here when you choose to use Jazz Age ceiling tiles to decorate your home!

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