Devising Home Decor Inspiration From Famous Architecture

Written by Milan Jara on 12th Aug 2015

The world is filled with little architectural pieces of art, and I am always fascinated by them whenever I see them. Along with them being fascinating, I find these buildings to be inspiring as well. As a naturally creative person, I can gain inspiration from almost anything. But when I see something like these buildings, then I start to take inspiration to a whole new level.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Photo by W. Lloyd MacKenzie (Wikimedia Commons)

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Aside from its leaning, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is fascinating because of its beautiful columns. From the larger support columns at the bottom of the tower to the smaller columns that circle the rest of it, they help to remind me of just how incredible large columns look when they are installed on someone’s front porch. You do not need to have a leaning tower to benefit from the decorative impact of beautiful columns.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Even if you have never been to Moscow, the chances are very good that you have at least seen a picture of the ornate building known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It is a mix of Middle Eastern and Asian architecture that I find fascinating, and I just cannot stop looking at the colors. The base of the cathedral almost has a Disneyland look to it that is kind of strange. Whenever I need inspiration for bold designs or colors for a home’s exterior, I always pull up a picture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral and let my imagination run away.

Sydney Opera House

I don’t know why the designers of the Sydney Opera House chose the overlapping clamshell design, but I am glad they did. I have actually considered this idea a few times when customers asked for ideas for creative awnings to help create shade outside. I haven’t quite figured out how to pull it off yet, but I will be sure to post pictures when I get it to work.

The Sistine Chapel

Did you honestly think that a person who makes their living designing decorative ceilings would forget to list the Sistine Chapel as an inspiration? As a fan of art, I can appreciate what was done to create the beautiful ceilings and walls of this venerable chapel. But as an artist, I constantly look to the contrast in colors and the incredible use of space in Michelangelo’s work to inspire some of my more interesting designs.

Westminster Abbey

There is so much good architecture and art in England, especially in London, that it is difficult to pick one thing. But when you take a look at what Westminster Abbey has to offer, you can instantly tell why the British monarchy is so fond of the place. For my projects, I look at the way that Westminster Abbey utilizes open space to get ideas on how to help customers maximize their own large rooms and courtyards. While the main chamber at Westminster Abbey is definitely not crowded, it also does not appear to be sparse, despite its amazing size.

Can you make your home’s ceilings look like the Sistine Chapel? Maybe not, but if you call on a professional such as myself, we can certainly create something memorable. By mixing up the types of materials that are available and using some of the most unique architectural wonders of the world as inspiration, I honestly feel like there is no project that is too big for me to tackle.

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